Friday, March 23, 2012

Routine: Homework

Back to the routine photos.

I actually took these before spring break.  On a slightly cloudy day.

Scooter had forgotten to bring home his folder with his real homework.  Oops.  That was a first.  Luckily he had a "free homework pass" stashed up and saved to use for such an occasion. 

But being that I don't want him to get into the habit of not doing homework (since he has it Mon-Thurs), I had him do some math work out of a workbook we have.  Go mom. 

I always sit with him while he does his homework.  Math is his strong suit, so he didn't need my help (must take after his math minor daddy).  So I grabbed my camera and snapped a whole lot of photos.

It wasn't the sunniest day, so I had my shutter speed slower. I kinda like that you can see the pencil movement.  And yep, they are all in black and white.  I tend to like to change the grainy photos to black and white.  I love Scooter's facial expressions as he's thinking and calculating.  That tongue coming out, it's a habit.  And that finger counting...must take after his Daddy.  So cute.

Any weekend plans?  We're having a laid back weekend without any plans.  We're going to hopefully get out for a bike ride and some play time in the yard.  Anyone else going out for a bike ride?  Ours will hopefully find ice cream in the middle!

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