Thursday, March 8, 2012

Routine: Skiing and Snowboarding

I's seem odd to call skiing and boarding routine, but well, this year it is.  I was just telling Biker Boy that I couldn't recall how many times we've been out snowboarding this year.  I'll just say you can count it on three hands.  It's somewhere around 12, maybe?  Chewy is nearing 5 years old and every year since she was born I was lucky to get out 1 or 2 times a year.  Maybe three tops.

I guess it helps that this has been a decent year for snow.  It also helps that we bought a pack of local discount tickets to use at 2 local places and we had to use them.  Plus it also helps that Chewy is free every place we've been and Scooter is still free at the local places and discounted at the other places.  Plus the kiddos are on their own on their board or skis, without parental help.  Not to mention that we have our own equipment, which saves us a load of time and money. 

I've been taking routine photos of the kids this week playing with their Daddy and doing homework with my nicer camera, but well....that huge thing is not coming with me to the slopes.  So we took our cheapo pocket camera with us this past weekend and I took a few photos.  I'm still not talented enough to take photos as I board down the hill and I often forget to take it out on the hill as I'm concentrating on remembering to bend my knees on the board.  We didn't bring our Go Pro with us this time, but Biker Boy did take a few movies of the kids and I on the slopes.  Stay tuned for those.

Ohhhh....I'm not big on photos of myself, but I'm trying to get in more.  Here's my self portrait on our way home with our pocket camera.  You can see what camera we used all day.  And remember objects in the mirror are closer than they appear. 

Let's take a routine photo tour of our trip to Sipapu.  For the last three years we've gone there around March or when they have the big snow castle up.  The castle is a hit with the kids.  It looks different every year.  And it's got a wicked slide on it this year.  It was icy and fast.  Nearly a third of the kids came flying off of it crying.  I even saw an adult with tears in their eyes.  No one got hurt, it's just a little terrifying to go that fast and hit the end.  A little too terrifying for us.  My kids didn't try it.  I didn't either.  My munchkins did try some of the tamer slides on it though.

Chewy might have stayed all day at the castle if we had let her.  But we wanted her to ski with us for a bit.  She did for half the day and then let us know when she was tired.  By screaming in fear down a blue square hill that she had already gone done three times just before that run.  Yep...and that's the one we got on camera.  After a little rest in the car she was good to crawl all over the castle, sit on it, and lay on it.

Although, quite surprisingly, this year Scooter wanted to go to the terrain parks on his skis instead of playing on the castle.  (Yes grandparents...I said "terrain park."  I leave that one up to his Daddy.)  He did enjoy the castle for a bit in the beginning and for a bit after the lifts closed.

We all went as a family for the first part of the day.  Then I got some time to myself.  Then I took the kids for lunch while Biker Boy got some time to himself.  Then Scooter took me while Biker Boy stayed with Chewy for a rest.  By then Scooter had switched to his skis and I lasted one run with him.  The kid took me down a mogul section first.  I thought...."Hey, I can do this, if my 7-year-old-son can do this on a snowboard."  Scooter did it on his snowboard with his Dad while I took Chewy the long way around the mogul section when we went as a family.  Let's just say...Scooter's board is way shorter than mine and I'm not so quick at turning my board on the moguls.  The moguls were right under the chair lift and I'm pretty sure I gave some people some great entertainment.  Then he takes me on a blue square, which was fine by me.  He goes in the woods and jumps out of them and I just go down the slope.  Then Scooter tells me, "Let's go this way" and points to a tree section.  At first I was going to be brave and try it because the trees looked pretty far spaced apart.  Until I saw 2 snowboarders sitting down on the hill and I slowly boarded up to see what was going on.  There was a 5 foot straight down drop on to that section.  I watched as my child went down it and said, "Come on momma."  I said, "I'll meet you at the bottom" and took off on the tame hill.  I met up with Scooter and said, "Let's find out where your Daddy is.  It's his turn."  A few minutes later Biker Boy and Chewy walked across the bridge and we switched kids.  Hallelujah.  (See them in the photo...they're really tiny.  Bonus points if you can pick them out below.)

The boys are so cute together.  I mean...manly together.  They go off and try to do terrain parks and jumps and things together.  They mostly just stick to jumps in the terrain park.  Fine by me.  Scooter was disappointed he couldn't go in the big terrain park because he wasn't at the 50 pound weight limit for the platter lift.  Just nod your head if you have no idea what a platter lift is. 

Chewy and I had a marvelous time.  We took photos of ourselves.  We played on the castle.  I watched her ski backwards down the baby hill.  She thought that was a lot of fun. 

I ran that child to the bathroom way too many times that day.  She must have had a tummy bug or something.  I won't go into detail.  It was not pretty.  Thank goodness I had wipes in the car, that's all I'm going to say.  Chewy took a self -portrait.  Don't you just want to squeeze them cheeks?  On her face....I will emphasize the cheeks on her FACE.  I was tired of the other cheeks by the end of the day. 

By the end of the day... Chewy was spent.  I was spent.  The boys....well... they didn't seem like they were spent.  But Scooter was asleep by 6:30 in the car, so he must have been tired.

The dog was happy to see us when it was time to go home.  Apparently I happened to leave a van door open (I thought I pushed the button to close it) when I ran Chewy to the bathroom during lunch.  The dog got out and Biker Boy came to the van, found it open, and the dog missing.  He whistled for the dog and he came happily bounding back to the van from near the road.  He also had fun bounding in the snow when we let him out a couple of times.  It was a warm day, so he got to come with us.  He loves to come with us.  And my gosh, he has a long tongue!

We leave at 6am for the just over 3 hour drive.  It's also just over 3 hours on the way home, with some additional time for a stop at Wendy's for baked potatoes, salads, and frosties.  The drive is a pretty one.  There are mountains, the Rio Grande, and just pretty scenery.  I love it.  I tried to take a few photos of it on the way home.  But well, dirty windshields and windows don't really help the natural beauty any.  It's like throwing mud on a photo. 

So, whatcha been up to?  Mud slinging?  Car washing?  What's your routine on weekends?

Over and out...My kiddos are on spring break for the next week, which means that I'm on spring break for the next week.  Woo's time to play!  So expect some blog silence. 

And for the grandparent's viewing time.  Or for anyone else who is interested in seeing my kids and myself on the slopes.  Or just mosey on along to your next stop on the web!

First up is Scooter on his snowboard.  He's improved quite a bit in his short boarding time.  Now if we can just get him more comfortable on his toe edge so that he can start doing turns.  And yes....even though he doesn't turn, he's catching up to me in speed.  Oh, he's trying to jump on his snowboard and then he falls on his butt.  Apparently just snowboarding down the hill isn't exciting enough, he has to add jumping now.  Just like on his skis.

Next up is Chewy.  This was her "the fourth time is the scariest time" run.  Biker Boy is cheering her on to drown out her crying.  And she did just fine.  You can catch a glimpse of me sitting in the snow on the hill from where I was encouraging her that she could do this.  Because she could.  And she did!  Isn't she awesome!?  She was either enjoying it so much by the end or just mad at us that she went skiing on past her Daddy.  And I hold up the rear, as usual.  I say it's to keep an eye on everyone, but it's just because I'm the slowest. 

PS.  Here's the link to an actual Sipapu video of when they opened their magic carpet in December 2010.  We just happened to be there and you can catch a still photo of Chewy and I in the video and a still photo of Biker Boy and Scooter.

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