Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring Break 2012 Part 1: KOA Camping

Alrighty folks!  How's your week? 

Our has been mighty fast and mighty fun.  We had ourselves a quick getaway for spring break, celebrated our daughter's 5th birthday, and took to the outdoors at home today since the weather was Beautiful. And that's a Beautiful with a capital B.  Meaning there was no nasty windy and it was warm and sunny.  And we took our first tandem ride of the year.  Sweet.

I have a bazillion and three photos to go through from our travels to southern New Mexico.  I've never been there before!  Actually, none of us had been there before.  We got to add some pins onto our map

With a bazillion and three photos to weed my way through, I'm going to break these here spring break postings into a few posts.  That way I can collect my thoughts and downsize photos in some sort of order.  And try to keep them to a minimum.  Do you really want to see almost a bazillion photos of Carlsbad Caverns?  I know I do, but you probably don't.  I deleted the ones that were all black.  Chewy called them "duds."  I mean...a cave is dark...shouldn't there be some black photos. 

Let's start with the first round of camping.  This was cushy camping.  We had no idea what the weather was going to be when I booked this.  That was about 5 days before we left.  It was really warm in southern New Mexico where we stayed at the KOA in a Kabin.  A little colder where we actually camped in a tent, but we'll get to that later.

First up....the first place we stayed.  Wow, so ordinal I am.  I booked a Kamping Kabin at the Carlsbad KOA for 2 nights.  I kinda think they need to start their Carlsbad with a K to keep with the theme.  And anyone who has been to this campground will know that the sun doesn't set behind the sign.  I did a little Photoshop tricky and flipped the image so you could see the campground's name.  Boo-yah.

Now don't let the name "Carlsbad" fool you.  It fooled us, we should have researched a little more.  But this was a last minute trip. This campground is not in Carlsbad.  Wait...not in Carlsbad?  It's in the middle of nowhere by a pecan farm, next to the highway, near a power station or something.  Our GPS couldn't find it.  Maybe because it's not in Carlsbad?

It took an hour to drive to Carlsbad Caverns...just in case you were wondering and wanted to stay at the KOA and go to the Caverns.  One hour from the campground to the Caverns.  One hour of the kids doing squeaky voices in the van.  One hour. 

We got a golf kart ride to our Kabin when we first got there.  That pretty much sealed the deal for the kids as the best place ever.

Then the kids saw our cabin with the bunk beds and they knew they had reached camping heaven.  Yes, the kids loved the KOA and the Kabin.  Whenever we left the campground Chewy was asking when we would get to go back to the Kabin.  Yep, it was nice.  After sitting on that lovely porch swing I got to thinking we needed one back at home.  That's until I remembered we have nasty winds that would knock that swing right through our windows.

Speaking of nasty winds and nasty stuff.  This KOA can sometimes have gusty winds, which is why they generate electricity with a windmill.  Gotta love a green campground.  It's kind of ironic in that the area this campground is in is big into drilling for oil.  Sometimes you will smell that lovely sulfur smell.  Yes, you will.  It's not sewer gas or anything's the drilling for oil and black gold.  Nothing like a rotten egg smell to start off your day.  Wait...we have water that smells like that.   Just like home.

The campground was huge, it has a playground, a pool, and lots of neato stuff.  Yes, I said neato.  There were bunnies everywhere, which is why the dog rates that campground as a 10 out of 10.  Yes, the dog came with us. 

Other than being out in the middle of  nowhere, the campground was fantastic.  We had an awesome bar-b-que dinner at the campground the night we got there.  The kids were entertained with "Finding Nemo" and free cookies after we ate too.  Everything was pristine and quite clean.  It was almost like staying in a hotel.  Actually better, cause we got to sleep in our own sleeping bags with our own pillows.  I have a thing for sleeping with my own pillow. 

The sunset our last night there was fantastic.  Beautiful.  Quite unreal.  We don't get to see sunsets very often from our house because there is a bluff in the way.  Really, sunsets are stunning.  And it wasn't as windy as the night before, so it was enchanting.  I wondered where the enchanted part in the "Land of Enchantment" came from.  (Psst...I know some people who aren't enchanted with this state.  Not me.  I like it only took me a year.)

I took about 47 photos of the sunset.  I'll only bore you with a few silhouettes I took.  I've never done those before.  They're quite fun.  I just didn't always have willing participants unless they could do something cool like jump.  And then I pretty much told them to jump.  And they said, "Do we have to?" 

And that is Part 1 of spring break.  Totally fascinating, isn't it? *cough, cough*  Camping at a KOA.  Twenty points if you stuck with me. 

Good times, good memories.  Up next is Carlsbad Caverns!  Now that was awesome!  I'll try and weed through my bazillion and 3 photos of it.

Okay...who else has been to Carlsbad, NM?  Spill the pinto beans and pecans. 

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