Tuesday, April 3, 2012

5-Year-Old Portraits

I'm going to overload you with photos of my precious 5-year-old daughter.  The grandparents will rejoice.  This girl just oozes charm like a really well cooked marshmallow squashed between two graham crackers.  She's a fire cracker.  I wish I could take the time to post all the outtake photos. Some of them are hilarious.  The girl can really make faces.

I had such good intentions of doing a real portrait session with Chewy outdoors.  But well, the weather just doesn't cooperate during the spring.  My child doesn't always cooperate for photos.  Timing doesn't always work out.  And when everything else is ready, it seems my child gets a black eye.  I wasn't going to photoshop out a black eye. 

Today was a snow day.  Yep, after lovely 80 degree weather we had inches and inches of snow.  School was delayed 2 hours for Scooter and cancelled altogether for Chewy.  So I took the opportunity to get some "portraits" of Chewy indoors.  And hey, the snow is all melted now that it's evening. 

You'll notice that part of the deal with the photos was that I let Chewy do the styling.  She picked the fabric backdrops.  She picked the things that would go in her hair and she had to put them in.  She picked out some of the old cameras to "take pictures of mommy."  She was fascinated that the silver one still worked.  It didn't have film in it, but it still has a working battery so it would shoot the shutter and flash the flash. 

Okay, so I managed to snap some decent shots of Chewy.  Quite a few of her behind a camera.  And way too many of her spinning.  We did have one incident where she spun a little too much and knocked into the dresser that was holding up the fleece blanket I used as a backdrop.  Whoops.  Chewy did love to make her dress poof up and billow out.  It's all the rage to wear billowly dresses. It just makes you happy.  I suppose I should get on with the photos and talk write less.

Can you stand a few more?  I took these over a week ago during one of our warm days.  Right after I dropped off the signed and finished taxes.  (Big Woo Hoo for the taxes being done!)  We went to a park to play for a little bit and I took these right in the midday sunshine.  Not exactly perfect timing for photos, but I work with what I can.  And I've got a cute girl to work with. 

Happy late Birthday to my Baby Girl!

You ever have luck taking portraits of your kids?

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