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The Bosch Dishwasher Review

Yes, yes...we finally got a new dishwasher.  And I'm finally getting around to telling you about it.

If you were ever in our house while our old dishwasher was running, would have known it.  We could not listen to music, watch a movie, talk on the phone, have a conversation, or even go to bed with the old dishwasher running.  It was that loud.  We had to run it at specific times or just deal with the noise.  It was pretty much the cheapest dishwasher you could buy. 

Plus, our old dishwasher wasn't the best cleaner.  It just spewed dirty water around and the filter that was suppose to collect food particles was a beast to clean.  To be fair, not everything about cleaning is the old dishwasher's fault.  We have a particular type of very hard water.  I swear our kids could do a science experiment and project with our water someday.  We have found out through experimentation and trial that our water can only handle one type of dishwasher detergent.  It doesn't clean real well with other kinds (especially the name brand kinds).  I have 2 nearly full things of detergent that my dishwasher can't use if anyone wants some. 

While my mom was here Biker Boy and I had a date.  We went swimming and then went to Lowes to buy a dishwasher.  We spent a long time examining all the dishwashers....kid free.  I totally recommend dishwasher shopping without the kids.  We ended up debating between three Bosch dishwashers.  We ordered one.  Then the next day I had second thoughts and we went back to Lowes (with kids in tow) and upgraded to the next Bosch.  It was quieter and with our kitchen set-up, the extra dough we paid was going to be worth it.  Lowes did have a super high end Bosch floor model on clearance for about the same price we paid for ours.  But Biker Boy checked it out and saw a whole bunch of dents and didn't want to be installing a less than perfect model.  So for those of you who don't mind less than perfect....check out those clearance models.  We did get ours on sale!  Oh, and when we took the kids...pretty much I had to entertain them while Biker Boy handled the dishwasher ordering.  The light section is a great place to take kids...just sayin'.  It keeps them looking up and not touching everything or running between clearanced appliances.

This pretty Bosch dishwasher was dropped off at our house.  We ordered the extra tubing and kit to install it.  Biker Boy installed it himself and other than finding a tiny leak after a few days, all is good now!  Lowes took away our old dishwasher, which Biker Boy unhooked and got out.  The amount of insulation on it was minimal.  No wonder that thing was a loud beast.  A thick pad of insulation fully covers the Bosch dishwasher.  I was nearly ecstatic seeing it.   I was so excited that I didn't get any pictures of the dishwasher being installed. 

We have heard great things from other Bosch owners, so we were pretty confident in our decision to get one.  We did look at a few other brands, but the dBA ratings on the Bosch were pretty low.  (Ours is 48 dBA).  The dBA relates to how loud your dishwasher is going to be.  I also liked the clean look of this dishwasher.  Each Bosch is different.  Ours has a clean front with the buttons on top.  It also has a little red light that shines on the floor so you know the dishwasher is running.  It's that quiet!  The dog was confused by the red light at first.  He sometimes chases a red laser light, so he tried to get this light and it wouldn't move! 

Our dishwasher is in an island.  Not backed up against a wall or in between cupboards.  It's on the side of the island and has no wall insulation behind it.  So it's going to nosier than the same dishwasher installed by an exterior wall between cupboards.  And the fact that we live in an open floor plan house means that the dishwasher noise is going to carry into pretty much all our main living areas. 

The only hesitation I had with getting a Bosch dishwasher was the amount of room in it.  If you compare the Bosch with other brands in a store, you'll see that the space inside is way smaller.  Maybe that's why it's takes more room to put the quiet stuff in.  You will not fit as many dishes in the Bosch as you would with another brand.  I was worried that my thick ceramic plates wouldn't fit.  (Biker Boy told me I could get new plates!) 

It has taken a little bit of a learning curve for me to learn to put dishes in a new alignment.  The tines in this dishwasher are close together and I find plates bumping into each other quite a bit.  I haven't had to get new dishes, but it does take some puzzle solving for me to get all my dishes in.  I think I'm getting it figured out now though. 

So let me break it down for you with the pros and cons of a Bosch.

  • Super Quiet
  • Easy filter to clean
  • Gets dishes clean
  • Amazingly Quiet (that gets 2 points because it's so quiet)
  • Nice looking
  • Smaller interior space
  • The dish separators (tines) are close together
  • Can be more expensive than other brands
Overall, I love my Bosch!  I truly have no buyer's remorse with this diswasher.  And it wasn't cheap.  It was on sale and we have some generous relatives to thank for a generous Christmas gift towards our dishwasher.  I love that I can run this dishwasher whenever I want to and I don't have to worry about the noise.  It's really quiet.  Most of the time I can tell that it's on, but only when I'm standing near it.  I'm even getting use to the smaller amount of space and strange placing of the dish separator thingies.  I don't regret going with a Bosch dishwasher at all.  I'm not paid or perked by Bosch at all.  We shelled out money for this dishwasher and picked it out all on our own.  I just like to share things that I truly like.  And I truly like this dishwasher.

What kind of dishwasher do you have?  What do you like or dislike about it?


  1. Thanks for the thorough review! In the market for a new dishwasher that is quiet and doesn't require me to rinse or scrub beforehand. Concerned that my big ceramic plates and bowls won't fit...but your photo gives me hope! Can I ask which model you purchased? Photos look like an Evolution 500 Series or 800 Series....? Thanks!

  2. Thanks for stopping by! Sorry for the late reply. I'm not sure if my dishwasher is an Evolution series, I can't remember...sorry! I do know my model is the SHE43RFxUC. It has heavy, auto, normal, and half load wash cycles. It has a manual top rack, flip tines, infolight, sanitize option, and a long silverware basket. It's also 48dBA. Good luck with dishwasher shopping! I'd love to hear what you end up with it and if you like it! I still love my new dishwasher! It cleans great and the inside of the dishwasher stays clean, unlike my old one! Thanks!

  3. Hi there, just a quick question. We just got a bosch dw and my hubby installed and the top looks like yours in the pic, as in the placement and not completely under our island(bc it is granite and we don't want to have to drill), anyways have you had any issues with the buttons showing (I was worried about water or food particles getting in), just wanted to see?

    1. Hi, thanks for stopping by and asking! The buttons don't show at all on ours, they are completely under the countertop. I haven't had any trouble with water or food particles getting in or on them. I almost forget to wipe the top of the dish washer with the buttons down quite a bit of the time. The front edge of our dishwasher is about flush with our countertop, so the buttons remain fully nested under the countertop and are not exposed at all. The photo with the buttons showing only had the door slightly ajar to show the buttons. When closed, the buttons are half way under the wood of the cabinet frame and hidden completely if you look from above. Hope you're enjoying your new dishwasher.

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