Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Conspiracy Theory

My wee ones have it in for me.  I think it's a conspiracy theory. 

On only 2 Tuesdays a month am I suppose to get 3 hours to myself while Chewy is at preschool.  It hasn't happened in awhile.  The last time Scooter was home sick with a fever and cough.  This time, Chewy is home sick with a fever and cough.  Although her fever is low and I'm hoping it doesn't get up to the 105F that Scooter reached.  But yep, they have it in for me.  But it's okay.  My little girl is asleep on the couch and I get some cuddle time with her.  That's life as a mommy and I love it....healthy or sick....I'll take my little ones and love them.  That would be Chewy in the photo below.  She's hiding/sleeping/resting/ under the blanket.

The photo below is from a preschool field trip that Chewy and I took last week.  She's so much fun to be with.  I'm going to miss that girl when she joins her brother at school next year.

Since I have nothing planned to post I'm going to show a few photos from our point and shoot camera that are sitting on my hard drive.  It's like a week in review.

The last day of March and the first day of April we took our annual spring ski trip to Wolf Creek.  And every year we question why we do it.  Scooter and I are always in the midst of a bad allergies.  And because Scooter has asthma, along with allergies, he's always coughing and not doing well.  We were tempted to cancel the trip and then when we spent the first night in the hotel with a coughing child, we were tempted to drive home.  But we stayed because Scooter wanted to.  And we had fun!  Tired fun.  The kids did awesome skiing....Scooter didn't snowboard because he was tired.  Chewy made it almost 2 whole days of skiing on her own and we even ventured to blue squares with her!  I got taken out by a kid on skis on the very first run of our last day.  I have the bruise (and a video) to prove it.  Yep, Biker Boy happened to get it on video.  Ouch.  But here's 3 photos.  One of the kids getting ready to go on our second day.  One of me feeding them "ski treats" at the top of a lift on the first day.  And one of the kids when we ventured to visit Treasure Falls on the first day after skiing.  (Scooter fell asleep at dinner that night...poor tired kid!)

We took a hike on Easter.  It was on a trail that Biker Boy mountain bikes on in the mountains.  The kids, dog, and I had never been on it.  At our half way stop we had Peeps for a snack.  Blue Peeps.  The dog was keenly interested in them.  And the kids gladly hiked for Peeps.  I should stock up on the clearanced Peeps for hikes! 

And once again I can't go get my hair cut.  Oh well.  I did make an eye appointment, but may have to cancel it.  Funny how things never go according to my plan.  Thank goodness I'm not in charge.  At least Someone is!  I'm off to get my girl to drink some fluids when she wakes up. 

How's the start of your week?  Any conspiracy theories in your life? 

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