Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Lay Down

Um, how about a video?

Yep, another post with no real usefulness, other than to make you smile.  Or make me smile. 

I found this video of Chewy the other day, while she was sleeping on the couch.  I decided to upload it because I think it's funny.  It may just be me that thinks it's funny.

In this video she isn't sleeping, but she was suppose to be sleeping. She wanted to bother her brother and then would practically fall down when I came in and told her to lay down.  When I left (I just went behind the wall to get the video) she would get back up.  She got smart at the end and started looking for me.  I just like how she falls down.  Her brother also seems amused, but knew that he should be laying down.  Any guess to which child is my strong-willed one that keeps me on my toes?

In other news, Chewy is no longer running a fever and I get to go to my eye appointment.  Hooray for the little things.  Here's hoping you find joy in your day!

Oh, and we had a slight water crisis last night...the water was shut off for awhile due to a fitting that broke.  Poor Biker Boy had to make a run to town late and made a fixture himself.  He's going to hook it up later, after I run to town and get more filters...cause we can't use our drinking water right now or it'll wreck our reverse osmosis system.  Fun times, but at least we have water.  And I have an excuse to not do the laundry today until our chemial pump is back up and working to get rid of the stinky water.  Nothing like living in the mountains with interesting water.  And we got a lovely phone call message last night from the elementary principal about live bullets being found on school grounds.  Really?  That led to an interesting dinner conversation with the kids about guns and bullets.  Scooter keeps calling them "bombs."  Have you had to deal with something like that?  I'm at a loss for words now.  How's that for too much information?  Somebody get me a Peep.

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