Tuesday, April 17, 2012

More Videos: Tandem Trail-a-Bike

Okay...this is mostly for family....but it's nice of the rest of you to stick around.  And I won't be sad if you leave now and come back another time when I actually post something useful.  But maybe you're interested in the tandem trail-a-bike...this will give you a little glimpse at it.  After we put this baby to more use I'll hopefully write a review on it.

Remember that picture I showed the other day of the new addition to our bike family.  The tandem trail-a-bike?

We took it out on a 10 mile spin the other day.  It's maiden voyage. 

Other than one shoe that fell off towards the end of the ride, it was successful.  Bummer that I didn't get the shoe falling off on video.  It's hard to hang the camera off my back and take a movie of the munchkins and still pedal.  I think sometime we'll hook up our helmet cam to take a movie of the kids.

So for you're viewing pleasure, here's a video of the dog in his carrier on the bike.  Oh, it also shows the two cuties getting on and gives a side profile of the new tandem trail-a-bike.  Yes,  we're the crazy dog people who bring their dog along with them.  He likes to be with us.

For your double viewing pleasure, here's a movie of the kids pedaling home.  I only got hit by a tree once while filming, but apparently the camera wasn't actually on at that point.  Here's when I finally turned it on.  I think they're going to be a good team on a tandem....other than the losing shoe part.  But happily...no one got hurt and we were able to recover the shoe.

Anyone else ever lose a shoe while biking?  I've lost a water bottle before.

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