Monday, April 16, 2012

Routine: Fixing Bikes

Another round of routine photos.

Bike fixing is routine in our household.  I'll refrain from showing you how many bikes are in our house and locked up in various places.  With a husband called "Biker Boy" we're bound to have a lot of the 2-wheeled contraptions. 

With lots of bike riding, comes lots of bike fixing.  Especially when you get hand-me down bikes, get used bikes, break things on bikes, crash bikes, or even get new bikes.  Biker Boy always gives a new bike (even one built at a bike shop) the once over.  And he always finds something he has to fix.  He's very thorough. 

Yesterday afternoon wasn't the best weather for venturing outdoors with the kids.  Although Biker Boy and the dog did go out for a short mountain bike ride.  The early evening was spent in the garage updating a bike for Scooter.  That bike will hopefully someday go to Chewy. 

I brought my camera out to the garage and bumped up the ISO, put the shutter speed down to where I could get a picture and still freeze movement, and opened the aperture as much as I could with my kit lens.  So once again, the photos are slightly grainy and not the best.  But the most important thing is that they capture a routine moment in my family.

Oh...and yes, we picked up a new bike purchase this weekend.  We haven't had a chance to use it yet...we hope to get out on it tonight for a short test ride.  It's a new tandem trail-a-bike.  Yep, it's time to shorten our train of a tandem, single trail-a-bike, and a trailer to this set-up.  Did you notice the bag on the rack in the back?  That's for the dog.  Actual usuage pictures to follow in the future. 

What's routine for you this week?

Anyone else ever seen a tandem trail-a-bike?  There aren't many dealers for them in our state and this was the first one ever sold from the bike shop we got ours through.  And boy, was it an ordeal to get it here!

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