Friday, April 6, 2012

Routine: Ranger

Another round of routine photos.

I snapped these over 2 days of Ranger.  Yes, Ranger the dog.  Because he's routine in our lives and he has his own routine.  Did you know he's not a morning dog?  He's the last one to get up.  And he'll growl if the kids try to get him up.  Yep, not a morning dog.

Perhaps I should let you know some other fun facts about Ranger.  I do that every once in a while. 
  • He's mostly a wiry/rough Jack Russell Terrier.  There's probably something else in there.  He's a mutt we adopted and love.  And he draws attention everywhere we take him.  This past weekend I had 3 people in 10 minutes come up to me and ask me what kind of dog Ranger is and to tell me that he is cute. 
  • He has a pink nose, which we try to remember to slather with sunscreen.
  • He loves to go places with us and we let him if it's not too hot.  He just accompanied us last weekend on our annual spring ski/snowboard weekend.  That would be where he got lots of attention anytime we went to the van to let him out to play.
  • Ranger can do a range of tricks.  His latest trick is to sneeze on command.  It's pretty funny.  We'll show you if you visit sometime.  Or maybe I need to start making and posting videos of Ranger.
  • He's moody.  Ranger gets depressed.  Especially after the grandmas leave.  He loves the grandmas.  We think he may have lived with a woman before us.  He was in protective custody (meaning he was suppose to go back to his owner), but something happened and he was given up for adoption.  Ranger was meant to be with us next, we love that little white fuzz ball.
  • The dog can turn on a dime.  He's quite the runner.  He even accompanies Biker Boy on mountain bike rides when Biker Boy doesn't have someone else to join him.  Sometimes Ranger runs and other times Biker Boy puts him in a backpack.  And we just figured out that Ranger fits perfectly in our old baby Snuggli.  Yep....wait for those photos in the future.  Talk about pet lovers!
  • Ranger has a small cat bed that he loves.  He plays with it, lays on it, and sleeps in it.  It comes everywhere with him.  He's laying in it right now as I write.
  • He's my baby.  When my last human baby goes off to school in the fall, I'll be left with my furry baby at home.  And I was never a dog person. 
On to the photos.  First up....the outdoor ones.  Yep, he's a runner.  And a digger.  I like that you can see the dirt he flung up with his tiny paws while running in the last photo.  That was a high shutter speed.

Indoor photos.  Just Ranger being Ranger.  The one with the ears down is when I was holding a treat over his head.  I don't know why he thought he was in trouble or maybe he was just patiently waiting for his treat.  But I thought it was cute!

Do you have a fur baby?  What do you love about her/him?

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