Monday, April 30, 2012

Routine: Tub Time

Yowzaa!  Where has time gone?  I think the last week blew by in a hub of craziness.  The power went out for 4 and a half hours due to a wind storm, there was a field trip to the zoo, I got 7 inches of my hair chopped off (finally!), I dragged a kid behind my bike a couple of times, I worked on a portrait session, taught myself to crochet, and there was some major grocery shopping going on.  Not to mention a poor sick Biker Boy who was home from work for 2 and a half days due to the flu.  The poor guy is slowly getting better, but still wiped out from the sickness.

So blogging has taken a back burner to helping kids with homework, reading with them, playing with them, and trying to maintain some sense of order in the chaos of this house.  We tend to do crazy around here.  Crazy is normal.  But in all the craziness, I have been taking routine photos. 

Before Biker Boy got sick he took an extended weekend with a bunch of guys to mountain bike in Moab, Fruita, and Durango.  He loved Moab, just in case you were wondering.  But he did bring back a souvenir virus from another fella.  Nothing like sharing.  The kids and I already has passed that virus around and Biker Boy thought he made it through without catching it.  Guess not. 

While Biker Boy was gone, I let the kiddos play in my tub, since we didn't go to the pool.  They put on their swimsuits and had a play session plus a bath in my tub.  I think they use my tub more than I do.  And apparently Disney themed swimsuits are a requirement?  And Disney themed toys? 

It was a fun time in the tub.  The kids played with mermaids and boats.  Scooter got decked out in his goggles and nose plug to do a little underwater exploration. 

There's just nothing like tub time.  Now if I could only make some time for myself to have tub time.

And let another week of craziness begin!  What craziness is happening your way?  Anyone else let the kids play in their tub with suits on?


  1. Great blog! We homeschool our kids as well for the same reasons you mention in your blog. Our kids are ages 6, 8, 9 and 10 and we are fortunate to live in a community – 20 minutes outside of St. Louis, MO. – with many other homeschooling families. They all play sports so they do come in contact with public school kids and some the things I've heard come out of their mouths has been quite disturbing. So keep doing what you're doing, it's definitely the right way to go.
    P.S. - I love your photos, they make your blog so interesting. Great shots of the kids, funny too. The photo of your boy wearing goggles and a nose plug in the bath reminds me of my kids, they do the same thing. I read that you're a swimmer and the nose plug looked a little big for him, he must of grabbed your nose plug by mistake. :)

    You're doing great and I love your blog!

    Mike Terhaar

    1. Thanks so much! I had almost forgotten about these photos, what a joy to see again. Yep, my little guy borrowed some swimming stuff from my stash. I don't use a nose plug, but I think we have one from swimming in a lake at one time, must be where that came from. Glad to hear about your homeschooling, it's been a fantastic choice for our family. Thanks for the encouragement! I wish you all the best!


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