Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Cooking With Kids: Strawberry Lemonade

Let's continue our little adventure in cooking with the kids from Southern Living: Kids Cookbook. This installment brings you Strawberry Lemonade.  And if you learned anything from the last episode of Savory Elephant'll know I don't follow recipes exactly. The real recipe didn't contain strawberries.  Or Peeps.  That was just an added bonus.  There's nothing like Peeps swimming in your lemonade.

  • Lemons (but you knew that), about 1 and half per glass
  • Water, about 1 cup or more to taste
  • Sugar, 3 teaspoons (though the recipe called for 3 tablespoons!)
  • Strawberries, about 2 small sliced berries per cup


Roll the lemons on the table to soften them up.  Choose the heaviest lemons, they'll have the most juice.

After an adult cuts the lemons in half, the kids can juice them with the juicer.  And yes, I'm well aware of the fact that I need to wash the big picture window.  I'm reminded of it everyday when the sun shines through it.

Add strawberries and stir.

Add water and stir.  Ohhh, you can really see the dirty window now.  Maybe I'll clean it tomorrow.  Or maybe this weekend.

Add sugar and stir.  We eyeballed our sugar.  I didn't want the kids on sugar overload with the added strawberries for sweetness.  Oh...and the Peep.  Good thing we played outside after this treat.

Drink.  Add more sugar if needed.  Mine thought it needed a lot, but I didn't.

Watch the kids make funny faces from the sour taste.  That was the best part of this whole thing!

Are you ready for the overall opinion?  Homemade lemonade doesn't rank really high on the kids' list of things that they want to make again.  They don't really have a taste for slightly sour yet.  Though I did like it!  I may end up finishing their glasses of homemade lemonade. They did enjoy the berries and the Peep.  I guess I would too, but no one saved any berries or a Peep for me. 

Anyone else ever make homemade lemonade?  Favorite recipes or flavor additions?

*This post contains an affiliate link to the cookbook.  There's no need to buy it, but if you happen to...I thank you for supporting this blog and making me smile!  Though you make me smile just for showing up.  So thank you!*

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