Tuesday, June 12, 2012

10 Things From the Last Week

1) Did you know mice climb trees?  I know!  I should probably have expected that, but I've never seen it before.  And now I have.  Goodness...it's the little things that brighten your day.  Ranger (the dog) chased a mouse up a tree.  The vermin hunter lost that one.  But he did get 3 out of 5.  Good dog.  Keeping our house mouse free.  Do you think the mouse is waving at me?

2) I'm allergic to cats.  Who knew?  I've had cats all my life.  I went in for allergy testing and my doc thought I would be allergic to dogs since my symptoms starting getting really bad around the time we got a dog.  Nope...not allergic to dogs.  Just cats!  Alas...who knows why I'm so allergic to certain trees and grasses?  And cats?  It could be moving to the southwest and being exposed to new things.  It could be my body always reacting to cat dander that causes it to go crazy when exposed to grass and tree pollen.  Or it could have been pregnancy that changed my body.  Nothing like blaming the kids. 

3)  My trip to the allergy doctor meant a trip for donuts.  We tried Krispy Kreme this time.  And when Scooter has his allergy appointment in 2 weeks, we're going back to Dunkin' Donuts.  Sorry Krispy Kreme.  They didn't make donuts at the store we were at and so they weren't very fresh, even at 9:30am.  And the kids love the fact that the Dunkin' ladies give them free munchin' donuts.  Maybe we'll try Krispy Kreme again someday, but not the next time.  I love me some Dunkin' Donuts.  Yes, I'm hoping to start a donut war.  Dunkin' or Krispy?  I'll just take a Boston Creme donut please. 

4) When I'm talking to Biker Boy I'll randomly switch subjects and forget to tell him.  Most of the time he catches on, but asks me to make sure.  Are you keeping up?  And yep, tomorrow I'll have been married to that wonderful man for 14 years.  14 Years!!

5)  I'm pretty sure I won't see my kids faces much this summer when we're outside.  Hat, sunglasses, and lots of sunblock are required.  If you do see my kids faces....tell them to cover up.  Chewy already burned her scalp when she had her hat off for the smallest amount of time at a play date.

6) We went on a new hiking trail this past weekend.  It was pretty.  And straight up steep.  I'm just saying.  Whew....I gotta get in shape.

7) Biker Boy has been looking at vehicles.  We're debating getting a fairly brand new vehicle or adding on a third one that's cheap.  Our 2-wheeled drive van has taken a beating driving in the mountains.  Do you know how hard it is to find an AWD vehicle that fits passengers and gear and isn't low to the ground and isn't expensive and gets good gas mileage?  And, and, and!  Seriously...what's the point of making an all-wheel drive vehicle that is low to the ground and will get banged up on forest roads?  You'd be surprised how many there are.  And the search continues....more time to save money.  And kuddos to my hubby who kept the car salesman busy so the kids could jump in one of those big air jumpers even longer at the car lot.  Yep, the photo below has nothing to do with vehicles. It's just because.

8)  It's dry here.  My yard is sad.  My once green grass plugs are brown.  I only water them briefly once a week.  We live in the desert, we try to save water.  Where is the rain?  And seriously...why don't they outlaw fireworks in town?  We live where we're surrounded by wildfires.  Thankfully, it's not too smokey here at the moment.

9)  We're down to 6 plums on our plum tree.  The wind knocked a bunch off.  We're hoping for 4 ripe plums.  We'll have a party if we even get one.  And the apricots are dead and gone.  We'd never survive here if we had to grow our own food.

10)  I made a crown.  For my princess.  She gave me 2 minutes to snap her picture in it.  That's an improvement.  Usually she hides her face from the camera.  You wouldn't believe how many pictures I have like that.   

Quick....10 things from your past week.  Ready, set....GO!

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