Wednesday, June 20, 2012

24 Hours of Enchanted Forest Photo Dump

Brace yourself.  This post will include a few photos and random comments.

Once again, Father's Day weekend involved a 24 hour mountain bike ride for Biker Boy.  Just like last year.  He was on a 4-man team, that unfortunately became a 3-man team.  And kuddos to the wife of one of the teammates who took a lap for the boys in the morning.  Cause my guy didn't want to get out of bed after his 2 night laps.  Each guy did 6 laps of the 16 mile course, except they all did the last lap together so 2 of those guys couldn't have their lap count.  Great job team Faulties!  You all did an amazing job!

And since I don't post pictures of people I know, to protect their privacy, you just get to see my family and random strangers I don't know.  Or at least people I don't recognize in the bike gear. 

Let's begin the photo dump:

This is Biker Boy after the race was over.  My hubby is awesome!
I cropped out his teammates.  Sorry guys and gal. 

Biker Boy was the lead off for his team.  A dust mask was required for the mass start.  It was a dusty, dusty weekend.  Super dusty. Everyone was coated in layers of brown dust when they finished a lap.  Even those of us not biking were covered in a layer of dust.  Fun times.

Dust mask required.  Scooter was stoked to be able to bike around the woods while his Daddy raced.  This race has a great family vibe going.  And we camped with 2 other families (teammates!).

Scooter rang the bell for racers as we waited for his Daddy to finish his laps.  Scooter won this bell in a mountain bike race he did in May.

Chewy and Scooter waiting for their Daddy to finish a 16 mile lap.

Both Chewy and Scooter did the kids' race.  Chewy was in the 5 and under group.  I ran next to her holding up her two-wheeled princess bike.  Scooter was in the 7-year-old boy race.  He was slow to start (must take after his mom) and started a quarter of a lap back, but he went super fast and ended up 2nd!  I could not believe how fast he was.  He could have won if he started on time!  Good job Scooter and Chewy, we're so proud of you for trying and most of all for having fun!

There were lots of cows.  That one is walking by our tent.  We left it alone.  I slept in a tent with the kids and the dog.  Biker Boy got his own tent so he could get up for his laps in the middle of the night.

Even the cows checked out the portapotties.  Good times.

We did not hassle the cows.  We observed from a distance.  Hassling the cows was not allowed. 

My handsome guy coming in to pass off the baton to a teammate.  He really rocked it when he went to his 29er full suspension bike on the third lap.  This was his hard tail and he rocked it on that too. 

Just because.  I think it's cute how Chewy has her hand on her Daddy's shoulder while he waits for his lap.  And Scooter is just adorable playing in the dirt behind his Daddy's bike.

Scooter got a souvenir case of hives on his hands, arms and chest.  And he had really scratchy, painful, red hands (though it's hard to see in the photo).  That would be why I always pack Benadryl, because of this kid.  And thankfully we had itchy cream packed too to stop itchies.

We think this is the hive instigator.  Bad caterpillar.  At least it's the scapegoat because we can't think of anything else that Scooter touched that was different.
We drove home after the race was over on Father's Day.  We came home to a busted up well pit and busted up water pipes and no water.  And we were so looking forward to showers after our dusty camping trip.  There's nothing like rinsing out on the patio under a container of water.  Good times.  More on the well stuff later.

So what did y'all do for Father's Day?   

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  1. You are capture best shots and nice photography . I like it , i think home life so beautiful ..


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