Monday, June 25, 2012

Creating Family Fun: Permanent Hopscotch

Yes, can create hopscotch courses with chalk.  And we still do that.  But for something different and for a fun project (and because we don't have grass), we created a permanent hopscotch course in our yard dirt.

You got a sneak peek of the project when I was talking about the balance boards we made.  Man...are we ever into creating the family fun projects this summer.

Anyhoo....on our trip to Lowes we picked up 10 concrete square paving blocks.  They cost about $1.30 each.  They're the same price at Lowes or Home Depot.  Just so ya know.  Not totally cheap, but totally far.  We had also picked up some patio paint at Hobby Lobby when it was 40% off.  It's near the craft paints, in case you're wondering.  The kids and I each picked out 2 colors.  Care to guess who picked out what color?  We also picked up some cheap disposable foam brushes.

The kids each painted 5 squares a solid color.

On another day Chewy and I printed out numbers off of the computer.  She picked the font and typed them, I printed them, and the kids cut them out.  That's good practice for paper cutting. Does that count as educational?

I traced the numbers with black paint onto the concrete squares.  Note to self:  Let the kids paint first and then trace the numbers.

Then the kids painted designs over their solid color.  They pretty much painted over my lovely black numbers, even though they tried hard not too.  So I had to touch up the numbers.  Oh well.

We were left with 10 lovely squares that we put in our yard dirt.  They make a lovely transistion around the side of our house.  And they add so much needed color to all the brown.  We've all had fun as a family trying to do different hopscotch things on them.  Scooter likes to challenge Biker Boy and I to different things like hopping on one foot or skipping certain numbers.  It's all good fun!

Any other hopscotch fans out there?  And does anyone know if that patio paint will last?  Not that the kids are opposed to repainting the squares someday. 

Have an awesome week!  It's hot here and we're waiting for rain.  Oh and our power came back on around 9pm last night after being off for 5 hours.  Delightful!

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