Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Random Stuff

Let's just dive into it:
1) Hydrogen Sulfide Stinks.
Really, it does stink....as in smell and in what it does to stuff.  See the hole in the bottom of our accumulator/pressure tank from our well?  Four years of not treating the water before it went into the tank and it ate a hole in the steel.  Then it went boom.  We weren't home when it went boom.  Then it flooded our well pit.  Good times.

2) Our Well Blew Up.
Okay, I already mentioned that.  We came home from a weekend of camping and biking to no water and a blown up well.  Happy Father's Day Biker Boy!  Biker Boy said throwing a grenade in the well pit would have done just as much damage.  There's a green hose attached to a sump pump in the photo that is sucking out the water.  Let's just say more than a few lizards lost their life that day.  And those tanks aren't suppose to be on their side like that. 

3) Lizards Died.
Yep, they drowned.  If you look carefully at the aftermath of the well explosion, you'll see lifeless lizards.  Don't look carefully if you don't want to see them.  Five points for each lizard you can spot.

4)  One Whole Day.
It took Biker Boy a whole day for our water to get back online.  That's not the greatest reason to take a vacation day.  And that took 4 trips to town for stuff.  The water pretty much wrecked everything.  Oh...and it's not like it's a quick trip to town from our house.  It took the next day before Biker Boy was able to get our chlorine pump back up and running.  Costco can thank me for purchasing all that Clorox. 

5) Outdoor Showering.
See that plastic water container.  Many thanks to our next door neighbors who let us fill it up.  We were all dusty and dirty from camping and showered under that thing.  Yep.  We could have invaded some friends' showers, but didn't want to leave them with our dirt.  Let's just say it's a good thing we don't have many neighbors who can see our backyard.  And it's a good thing it gets dark around here at night.  Nuff said.

6)  Outdoor Litter Box.
This here kitty you see below.....some may call her evil.  Yes, she's evil and mean and nasty.  And we're all allergic to her.  Well, she's trying to redeem herself.  She's started using the backyard as her personal litter box.  Some of you might think....ewww, yuck.  But it's a vast improvement over our shower rug, the tile floor in front of the toilet, and our carpet.  Yes, I'll take the backyard please.  The dog already uses it too.  I'm perhaps a little too excited about this development.  I was literally jumping up and down the first time I witnessed it.  (And yes, it now occurs on a nightly basis).

7) Playing Cinderella.
This has seriously got to be the best game ever.  Hands down.  Awesome in a bottle.  That's what it is.  You see....someone may have knocked a glass bottle of Bubble Up (like Seven Up) off of the top shelf in the refrigerator while trying to get a cold peanut butter cup.  (cough, ahem.....me).  Well, that stuff explodes when it hits the tile floor.  So there was a huge ol' sticky mess on our tile floor that I had to clean up.  The initial mop during the evening wasn't enough, so I tried a second take at it one Sunday afternoon.  Chewy saw me mopping on my hands and knees (I usually mop while they're in bed so they don't kill themselves slipping on the wet floor).  So anyways, she saw me mopping and asked if she could help.  I said, "Why not?  You want to play Cinderella too?"  Oh, the girl was so in to it.  We were both mopping, but eventually I just let the little girl go after it when I had passed the sticky area.  She even commented, "This is better than a chore reward."  I didn't have the heart to tell her that mopping is actually a chore.  But more power to the girl if she thinks it's a reward.  Maybe next time she fills up her chore chart she'll want to "Play Cinderella" as her chore reward.  I love that child!

8) Motorized Trucks DO NOT Drive Well in Hair.
This same girl (the one who likes to mop) and her big brother decided to see if a motorzied truck could drive in hair.  While Biker Boy and I were talking with a sales guy at a Toyota dealer.  (We test drove vehicles in our long quest to find the right one....meaning a really good deal with all the things that we want, but probably won't find).  Anyhoo....this girl and her brother drove the car up her hair.  When I encountered the kids, the truck was stuck on top of Chewy's head like it was meant to be there as a barrette.  No kidding.  The picture below is after I worked on it for 10 minutes while Biker Boy and Scooter were test driving a truck.  Eventually it came down to the fact that the truck (the mini one) wasn't going to work anyways because hair was wrapped around the axle.  Chewy rode home with a truck dangling from her hair.  At home Biker Boy was able to take a pair of pliers and rip the wheel off the truck so we could slide the hair off the axle.  I then got to spend another 10 minutes with a comb trying to get the knot out.  The good thing is that Chewy didn't have to have her hair cut into some odd bangs and she only lost some of her hair.  The truck....it didn't fair so well and there were tears shed.  Plus a huge ol' lesson learned....at least that's what Biker Boy and I are hoping for.  And why yes...that's why I carry a small camera in my purse....so I can take pictures of the lessons my kids are suppose to learn.  Someone doesn't look real happy in the picture, do they?

9)  Comics Are Fun.
Okay, my kids probably give me enough material that if I was talented enough to illustrate I could write a comic.  But I can't.  And that's fine with me.  My kiddos have been into reading comics lately.  They got Biker Boy a bunch of "Calvin and Hobbes" books for Father's Day since we happened to see them at Costco and Biker Boy had happened to mention that comic was a favorite of his as a kid.  Anyhoo...the kids are getting more use out of the comics than Biker Boy lately.  The two of them love to look at the books together and now that Scooter can read...well, he'll catch if I purposely skip words when I read to them.  I have had to threaten the kids that I will take away the comic books if I find them talking or acting like any of the characters in the comic books.  We had to have a talk about how comic books aren't real life, so you can't act that way in real life.  Cause that Calvin is naughty.  Hoo boy.

10) Life Without Electricity.
So we went Father's Day weekend without water for 24 hours.  Not a big deal.  We lived and managed.  Then this weekend our power went out for 5 hours in the evening.  When the power goes out, we also don't have water.  Darn electric well pump.  The kids got a bath in their kiddie pool, which was luckily full of water.  Except in the photo they are playing turtle under the towels.  And Biker Boy got a nap.  It's pretty quiet and dark out here when the power is out.  Nice once in a while.  Just not all the time. 

And there you go.  A bunch of random stuff that you probably didn't want to know.  So tell me....what's a random thing from your week?  Hydrogen sulfide getting you down too?  Or have you gotten something stuck in your hair?

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