Monday, June 4, 2012

Unscheduled Summer

We've been enjoying the lack of school, the start of summer, and the hot weather. 

This is my last summer with my two little ones before they are both in school full time.  So it's an unscheduled summer.  It's all about family and fun.  No lessons, day camps, organized sports (okay, we've never done that), or scheduled anything.  And I'm liking it.  I like having my kids at home with me.  Yes, they will probably drive me nuts after awhile, but I'll take it and enjoy it.  Watching them play is a magical thing.

So far today we've practiced math (my son thinks it's fun), played kickball, played on our playset, caught caterpillars, ate chocolate covered pretzels sticks, watered plants, read Calvin & Hobbes, and now that it's thundering...the kids are playing nicely indoors while I go through the multitude of photos I've taken in the last few weeks.

And for your viewing's a few of the fun things we've already done.  Minus photo editing.  There's way too many pictures and I've narrowed them to about a dozen for here.  I probably ate more than a dozen pieces of bacon while visiting family, but that's another subject.  Food and family...that makes a summer of memories!  And I'm sure my kids will remember the small things more than the big things, cause that's what I remember from my childhood. 

So here's to the small things!


Lots of hiking and mountain biking.  And we still deal with the bathroom issues.....if ya know what I mean.

Playing "telephone" at the dinner table with the grandparents.  Hilarious!  I should have gotten a movie of the kids laughing.  It was priceless.  Try it sometime with some kids around the dinner table.  It's even more fun if you have a Daddy that can really screw up the wording!

Wagon rides and playgrounds.

Doggie cousins meeting for the first time.  Ranger likes to think he's the alpha, but he's not.

Free ice cream!  Gotta love that we happened upon the Blue Bunny trailer.  What a fun surprise.

Bike Rides.

My hubby and kiddos make me so happy!  And Ranger too. He loves to join us in anything he can.  He's a pro at riding next to the bike.

We'll be doing lots of bike rides on this get up this summer.  Last night we took a family ride to get ice cream for dessert.  Summer = Ice cream!

Zoo.  Carousel Rides.  Seriously....when did those things start to make me nauseous?  Ugh.

Tractor races rides at the children's farm.  A tradition when we visit Grandma and Grandpa in the hot and humid midwest. 

And...more Ice Cream!  And cowboy hats.  Thanks Daddy for the hats, we'll have fun playing cowboy and cowgirl this summer! 

We've already enjoyed visits with both sets of grandparents and an aunt and uncle.  We hope to see more relatives soon and get in some camping too!  Summer is off to a good start!  Now if we could just get some rain with that thunder to help with the wildfires here!

I plan on enjoying every moment this summer with my family!  Both the good moments and the bad.

What are you planning on doing this summer?  I hope you enjoy every moment that you can.

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