Thursday, July 19, 2012


Alright's a few things that my family has been up to lately.

First Family Mountain Bike Ride

Yep, after three years of not being out on my mountain bike on an off-road trail....I did it.  (I "retired" after dislocating my shoulder in a race).  My hubby and kids itching for a family ride were motivation enough to get back on the saddle.  And it was fun, I only hyperventaliated a couple of times.  I rode my mountain bike, Scooter rode his, and Biker Boy hooked up the trailer-a-bike for Chewy to his hardtail.  We did a fairly easy trail.  Scooter had already raced on part of it before.

Scooter and I walked a few sections.  I guess even Biker Boy walked a section or two while Chewy stayed on her bike.  Scooter was a champ at the end with some of the rock gardens.  That kid weighs 42 pounds and his bike weighs as much as mine.  That's gotta be tough!  I can't imagine biking on a bike with that ratio.  Yikes!

Oh, I wore the Go Pro on the chesty strap.  It snapped a photo every 30 seconds and missed Scooter's fabulous crash. was more of the bike falling over sideways while Scooter was on it.  He was just fine and got up and rode again.  And Chewy....she absolutely loved being behind her Daddy and mountain biking.  I have a feeling we're going to be doing this more.  And I'll still be wearing my kneepads.  And maybe I should wear my shoulder brace too.


Let's just say that we have some awesome friends.  We truly treasure them for many reasons.  And before you get into how a trampoline isn't safe....think of all the other "risky" things our family does (skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, swimming, hiking in the mountains, even walking down the road with coyotes, bobcats, and fast driving teenagers).  I mean, our kid broke his leg going down a pole on a playset at school, so a playset isn't even safe.  We're all about keeping our kids safe and we do our best to limit risk, but there is risk in anything you do.  And if you want to have fun, you realize there is risk in anything you do.  And you can see we try to limit our risk with safety precautions and rules.  A lot of our neighbors and friends have trampolines and now we know why.....they are so much fun!  (Do I need to say that we only have one adult and two kids on the trampoline at a time and we're still under the weight limit?  Goodness, why do I feel the need to defend our choices?)

Travel Trailer

Okay, we've upgraded our camping to basically a hard-sided tent on wheels.  Perfect for us!  You would not believe how we lucked out on craigslist with this thing.  It was such a good deal that the seller had people calling from out of state to buy it unseen for more money than he was asking.  We were the third callers and the first to say we'd take it right after this was posted.  The seller was generous enough to honor the deal with us....even though he got 12 more calls and offered more money after we said we'd take it.  We can't wait to try this baby out!  We'll get a lot more camping in now that we won't have to freeze in our tent in the fall. tanks to dump, no potty in's a no frills trailer.....and no worries of bears clawing through our tent. 

This folds down into a trailer in 2 minutes!  I can even do it myself!

The table area can be converted to a bed for 2 kids.  There's a refrigerator (no more cooler!), a 3 burner camp stove, and a sink (you fill up a 10 gallon container and the water dumps outside...not for drinking).

The two small tables fold down and the couch converts into a bed for 2 adults.  Awesome!  There is a heater, but no air conditioner.  Perfect!
And that is a few of the happier happenings on this end.  Not to say that we don't have our unhappy happenings....cause that happens too.  But we'd rather look at the brighter things.  Here's hoping you have a bright weekend!

What have you been up to lately?

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