Monday, July 9, 2012

On The Quest For Water

Alrighty then....this is from a couple of weekends ago.  But on with the oversharing. 

We live in the desert.  As in...water is hard to find.  Biker Boy and I come from the midwest and the land of water and lakes.  So the lack of water here, is well.....lacking.  Our children think a pond is a lake.  Yep. 

I grew up on two different lakes and when Biker Boy and I were first married our apartment was across the street from a huge pond (which would be considered a lake here.)  Our first house was 5 minutes from a big lake. 

So a couple of weekends ago we set out on a daytrip to find some water and take the kids swimming in a lake. 

We were all dressed in our finest protective swimwear and set out on a 90+ degree day to find the elusive water.  We drove 90 minutes to a town known for its lakes.  Actually...they were the size of a pond, but whatever.  It was water.  Unfortunately, as we were parking the car in the parking lot at the beach they were pulling someone out of the water.  I could tell something was up (former lifeguard in me) and saw that the lifeguards had started CPR.  I immediately told Biker Boy to keep the kids in the car so they couldn't see the majority of what was going on.  It's still heartbreaking to think of the scenario we saw...we don't know the outcome...but it didn't look good.  They were doing CPR for a long time.  We saw all the emergency vehicles arrive and go.  They shut the park down and we all had to be questioned and have our license plates written down as we left.  Our prayers went out to the victim and rescuers. 

After leaving the beach and not even getting to set foot in the water, we found the Blue Hole.  Apparently so did a lot of other beach goers.  It's a small round hole that goes really deep in the rock.  There were a lot of scuba divers in the water and lots of people watching the brave ones jump into the really cold and clear water. 

There was no beach, just some concrete steps into the water.  We did take the kids in for a little bit.  They mostly just like to play in the creek that took the outflow of water.  They were happy to do that after missing the beach.   

Both Biker Boy and I jumped off the small ledge.  Biker Boy went first and I had to keep up with him.  Remember....we were swimmers, not divers.  I don't think I've jumped off anything into a body of water in a long time.  I have a dainty jump.  Or a....let's hope I don't damage any body parts as I jump into the water...jump.

After watching a few people jump off the top cliff, I asked the kids if they wanted to see mommy do it.  I have no idea why I asked them that.  Of course, they said yes.  So I bravely climbed the steps and made my way up to the top of the cliff.  It was only when I put my toes on the edge and looked down that I thought, "What the heck am I doing up here!"  Notice my face as I go into the water.....that's the "what the heck am I doing" look.  And remember it....because my children will repeat it in my next post.  This photo is right before I touched my toes and did a pike dive into the water.  Too bad Biker Boy missed that.  (you know I'm kidding, right?)  Unfortunately the 12 year old boy that went in front of me did a back flip.  (totally not kidding on that)  But hey...this 30 something old momma really impressed her little kids.  And Biker Boy was of coursed spouse-pressured into doing a jump so that his wife wouldn't outdo him.  No photographic evidence....I took a movie of that one!  But I'm not going to post it. 

Next we moved on to another lake, but we didn't set foot in it.  We may come back to it next time....once the kids are swimming a little better since there was no beach at it.  Then we headed to a State Park that has a dammed up lake. 

Here we are:

The kids enjoyed throwing rocks into the lake and we watched some boats at the boat ramp.  It was one steep boat ramp!  That was a workout walking down and up it.  The lake was making us wish we hadn't sold our kayaks when we moved here.  When we lived in Minnesota, Biker Boy and I owned two singles and one tandem kayak.  Bummer that we sold them.  Oh well.  We have new adventures now. 

And the whole outcome of this water search......the kids are now taking "mommy swim lessons" a couple of times a week with me at the pool in town.  I spent 5 years teaching swim lessons to other kids, but teaching my own little ones is a whole different thing.  Gotta get those kids swimming so we can go enjoy the water more.  And they can jump off the cliff with me. 

So that's our quest for water.  We actually found more this past weekend and I'll get to that adventure soon. 

Have you found water lately?

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