Thursday, August 2, 2012

Day 1: Visiting Mesa Verde National Park

We're back from traipsing around southwestern Colorado.  We had a lot of fun and kept busy with a multitude of adventures.  I'm slowly weeding through thousands of photos.  Deleting doubles or bad ones and labeling the keepers.  I haven't even edited any yet.  I've just finished Day 1 of 10.  This may take me awhile.  And I've got kids to get ready for school....where has the summer gone?

Day 1: We drove from our home to Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado. We enjoyed a hike near our campsite.  That was about it. Oh....and the southwestern salad at McDonald's is pretty tasty.  I shared one with the kids at our lunch stop.

Stuff we learned (or already knew):
  • Campsites with a bunch of trees are fun for kids.  And stuffed animals.
  • The hiking is beautiful and hot and high in altitude.  Luckily us altitude dwelling people are use to it...the nearly sea level family members we were traveling with were still acclimating (and did super awesome on our steep hike). 
  • The Plague is evident protect yourself and your pets.  We found two dead animals on our hiking trail and smelled evidence of a third.  We found a flea (they carry the plague) on the dog and Biker Boy pinched it to kill it....but it jumped to me.  We were just a wee bit paranoid and I couldn't stop thinking of the emerging infectious disease class I took when I was in my master's program.  I learned way too much about these diseases.  Oh...and hantavirus is in that area too.  So far....we're all healthy. 
  • The kids get tired.  Chewy didn't even hike with us, but was sound asleep when 4 of us got back from our hike.

Give me some time and I'll be back with Day 2....that was awesome.  And hot. 

What have you been up to? Ever been to Mesa Verde National Park?

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