Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Day 3: Driving to Telluride

Onward with the southwestern Colorado vacation.

Day 3 had us leaving Mesa Verde National Park for the drive to Telluride and the Matterhorn National Forest Campground near Telluride.

Of course, no camping vacation is complete without the trip to Walmart for supplies.  You know, things like food and car batteries.  Yep, Biker Boy got to change out our dying battery for a new one in the parking lot of Walmart.

And secondly, no vacation is complete without a trip to McDonald's and some time for the kids to play in the indoor playground.  And stare at a crazy looking tree thing.  Really....that's kinda spooky to me.

We were rain charms on vacation.  Oh, and it may have been monsoon season too.  It rained every day.  Here the kids are in the car waiting for the pouring rain to stop before heading to the campsite.  Luckily the downpours didn't last long.  Two points if you spot the dog in 5 seconds.

And the very best campsites have creeks.  And bridges.  And mountains.  And rocks to throw into water.

We went into Telluride for dinner.  We ate at "Baked In Telluride."  They had awesome pizzas, I'd highly recommend them.  But my boy who doesn't like melted cheese had a taco, with the cheese pulled off.  I didn't get the whole "baked in Telluride" play on words until we left Telluride and I was telling Biker Boy what I thought of it.  I told him I thought it had crazy and horrendous parking and that the people were spacy and in their own world.  (We saw a biker hit a little kid who was crossing the street in front of us...way too many people did not pay attention to the things going on around them.)  Biker Boy said, "Spacy?  That's why it's called 'baked in Telluride'."  Duh.  *cough, cough...too much stuff in their systems, maybe?*  Sorry to anyone who lives in Telluride, I wasn't impressed with the atmosphere.  It was beautiful though!  Just being honest with you, maybe my idea of it will change with another visit sometime.

Oh, and did I mention it rained a lot there.  Clouds were a big part of our trip. 

We visited the bottom of Bridal Veil Falls.  We'll get to the top later. 

Then we went to get some visitor info and encountered yet another rain storm.  The kids took a shower in it.  Too bad we didn't have any soap on us. 

And that is our first day in Telluride.  I'd highly recommend the Matterhorn campground, it's beautiful and quite nice.  The showers were a little wonky with switching temperatures on us, but it was nice to have showers!

So...tell me about Telluride?  Love it?  Hate the parking situation?  Ride the gondola?

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