Friday, August 31, 2012

Day 6: Rafting and Durango Mountain Resort

Well, I've decided not to touch up any of the vacation photos.  At least not yet.  I'll just get them posted.  Now if I could only get some printed out someday!  I'm still about 2 years behind on printing out photos.  Thankfully I have 3 coupons for 100 free digital prints staring at me in the face right now.  Nope....not motivation enough. 

Any hoo....I saw bear scat this morning for the second time this week.  It was pretty fresh and on the road about 30 ft from our property.  Who wants to come visit?  And the coyotes have been leaving a lot of scat in our yard.  While I've seen a bunch of coyotes lately, I thankfully haven't encountered any again.  Yikes.  And yesterday we spent sometime searching for a mouse in our trailer because I was pretty sure I heard something in there.  Yep.  We found nothing.  Maybe I was just hearing things.  And yippee for a long weekend!  I'm going to hold my babies and husband all weekend, I miss them during the days! 

Onward and forward with the vacation recap.  The vacation we took months ago.  Good golly, I'm really good at slow. 

So day 6 found us staying in Silverton at an RV campground there.  That was our homebase for the next many days.  We got ourselves up early in the morning of Day 6 to drive to Durango.  We had reservations to go rafting with the Durango Rafting Company.  We had wanted to do a 4 hour trip, but the owner recommended the 2 hour because the river was so low.  I highly recommend the Durango Rafting Company.  They were super friendly and accommodating.  They also let kids under 8 raft free.  And we have two kids under 8!  We also asked if there was a place to park that was shady because we were going to have 2 dogs in the car with us.  The owner said the dogs could go with us!  We only took Ranger with us and the owner let us borrow his dog's life jacket.  He also saved us a shady spot with his vehicle and moved it so we could park there for the other dog while we were rafting.  Super nice!  And all the guides were really great, we were very pleased with the whole experience.

As I said, the river was low.  It was a pretty low key rafting trip.  See the's not even moving.  No fear with leaving the kids up in the front.  (Oh....we used the Go Pro camera to take the rafting photos.  You can see where we used it the last time we went rafting with the kids here.)

So in this very slow spot, we got to jump in.  It was C-O-L-D!!  The kids didn't last real long.  I guess I didn't either.  Hey, that's the four of us in that photo!

Yep, Ranger came with us.  He seemed to enjoy it.  Except for the part where Biker Boy put him in the water.  And hey....Ranger can swim with a life jacket on.  Because normally he sinks

Lookie....Ranger like.  (Isn't he cute?)

Wee....the water picked up.  Hold on kids.  Or maybe not.

I held on to the dog, not the kids.  I do love my kids, don't get me wrong.  But the dog had a handle.  Oh, the kids might have too.  There goes that argument.  Love you munchkins!

Then we headed to Durango Mountain Resort.  The third time for the kids and I.  The second time for Biker Boy.  (Find that fun time here.)  And the first time for the family members traveling with us.  The kids love that place.

We did some new things this time.  First we hit the pump track.  Okay, the young boys did.  Biker Boy and Scooter.

I love my husband.  We've been married 14 years.  Wow!  Let me tell you, it gets better and better with him.  He's a naturally talented biker.  He makes it look easy.  It's not easy for me. 

This is my boy.  He's like me and he's like his daddy.  I'm surprised by how much he's taken to mountain biking.  He's even doing a race next weekend and he wants to do it!  He'll be racing off-road for 5 miles!  Cue the nervous butterflies in my tummy.

The boys had a fun time at the pump track.  Then Biker Boy took off to do some of the cross country trails.  The rest of us went mini golfing.  Then Biker Boy met up with us.  He had to finish my round of golf because I had to take 2 children to the restrooms.  I'll spare them the embarrassment of the golfing photos that show them (or at least one of them) really having to go to the bathroom.  What little troopers....they golfed so fast.  I guess when you gotta go, you gotta go.

Then we did the alpine slide.  This is what the kids were waiting for!  Chewy rode with me the first time and I let her drive.  That girl likes to go fast.  Scooter was a little hesitant on his first ride alone.  The kids did a second ride and Scooter picked it up that time.  Chewy rode with her Daddy the second time and showed him her need for speed.  Oh...and the chair lifts were not a problem.  The kids are familiar with those from using them in the winter.  Except Scooter really liked the chairlift with shoes....he always falls with his snowboard on. 

And that my family and fellow Day 6.  Someday I shall finish.

Your turn....what's up for this holiday weekend?


  1. Amazing trip! Just stopping by after finding you on Christian Stay at Home Moms...


  2. Tricia - So glad you found me. Thanks for stopping by!


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