Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Day 7: Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Train

Day 7 of our southwest Colorado vacation found us staying in Silverton, CO.

Here's the quickie recap:

We got up really early to once again drive to Durango.  Our excursion for the day was the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad.  Word to the wise....make reservations way ahead of time.  We made ours a week before and were lucky to find a day during our vacation to ride the train and with seats at least near each other.

We boarded our standard class car and rode 2 and a half hours to Silverton.  It was beautiful!  My littlest one fell asleep in my lap.  This ride is not for little ones who can't sit very long.

We arrived in Silverton and went back to where we were staying for lunch.  The trains pulled up right next to where we were staying, so we got to get up close and personal with the trains without the hoards of people. 

We rode back to Durango in the open air gondola.  Pack your eye gear for that car, there is plenty of soot in the air.  Also expect to get a little dirty.  I still liked riding in the open air car since it was a nice day. 

Here's the picture that my little guy took after some coaching from his Daddy.  Much better than my photos!

And that is our train ride.  Highly recommended if you like trains and have kids that can handle it for an all day ride.  It sure is a beautiful and scenic ride.  You're lucky I just quickly picked 12 photos, cause I have hundreds.  And I could probably say a lot more, but I'm tired.  And these vacation posts are dragging on and on.  What are you up to?  Anyone else out there ride the train?

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