Monday, September 10, 2012

Day 8: Ouray, CO

Only Day 8!  Someday I will finish this vacation we took about 2 months ago!

Day 8 found us doing a few things.

First off in the morning, Biker Boy took Scooter and I to ride our mountain bikes on the Colorado Trail.  We started at Molas Pass, which is where Biker Boy started from when he did his full day trip on it.

Scooter and I didn't quite make it that far.  Biker Boy ended up having to ditch his bike behind a tree and running next to Scooter to help push him up some of the steeper hills.  I mean, this is a 42 pound kid riding a 40 pound bike with only 7 gears.  I don't think I could ride a bike that weighs as much as me and only has 7 gears.  I like my gears. 

Here's Scooter off his bike viewing his mommy going up a rocky bit on a small hill.  I impressed the kid doing that, he thought his mommy was aweome.  It doesn't look so cool in the photo, but it was a good size rock step, especially the one I had already cleared just below me.  My heart may have been rapidly beating from fear.  Just saying....

I love this photo of Scooter that Biker Boy took.  The flowers were amazing!

Oh, it rained on us.  Typical for our vacation.

Overall, it was a good mountain bike outing.  No big crashes or injuries.  And Scooter loved that we got to do water crossings!  (He raced yesterday and got third!  Way to go Dude!  And my hubby did awesome in the race too!)

After some lunch, we gathered up the rest of the family and drove to Ouray.

We hit the Hot Springs pool first.  See me below?  I'm in the hot pink shirt under the red mushroom umbrella.  Biker Boy and I took turns swimming some laps in the lap pool.  True older gentleman with his wife came up to me later and asked if I was the one swimming laps.  I said yes.  He said...."Weren't you an Olympian?  Your stroke is so smooth."  Ha!  Color me red!  I was flattered.  And go figure...both my kiddos liked the hottest pool, though we didn't let them stay in it too long.  And Scooter was too short to go down the water slide, I think he was secretly relieved!

Then we met up with yet another family member and viewed the 2 waterfalls in town.  We went to Cascade Falls and Box Canon Falls.  Both were very pretty!  Oh wait, it rained us again while at the second waterfall.

Then we drove back to Silverton, CO along the Million Dollar Highway.  We also drove it there, too.  Part of the highway was falling off into the void below.  It's seriously impressive to think how they made that road.  And scary!  If you're afraid of heights...close your eyes on that drive. 

Stay tuned for Day 9.  I'll get around to it sometime!  What have you been up to?  Anyone else ever visited Ouray, CO?  What did you do?

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