Monday, October 8, 2012

Day 10: Ice Lake

Seriously.  Can't.  Keep.  Up.

I forgot what day I was on.  Of the vacation we took months ago.  You'd think with both kids in school I'd have more time, but I don't.  Ugh. 

Let's finish this thing.  I'm losing my mojo on these vaca pics.  So I just randomly pulled out a few photos to downsize for this post.  They may not be the best.  But it was a great hike.  Really beautiful.  It was.  You'll just have to take my word for it.  I'd recommend it, highly!

We did the hike to Ice Lake.  It was just outside of Silverton.

There was a waterfall we hiked up to and over. 

It was beautiful.  Water, wildflowers, marmots, grass, clouds, sun, rain, and lots of pretty things.

Someone may have gotten us a little lost.  Biker Boy, ahem?!  But we found our way to the super beautiful and blue lake.  There's nothing like a little bush whacking on a hike.

I forget, I think the hike was around 8 miles.  The kids stayed with the grandparents, but Scooter could have probably easily done this hike.  He would have loved all the water crossings.

Ranger came along with his new cousin.  Which is good she's a puppy, because Ranger acts like a puppy.  They were our children on the hike.

Yea! It was a good hike.  Give me another month and maybe I'll get to day 11.  Seriously.  Can't Keep Up!

Anyone else having trouble keeping up?

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