Monday, October 29, 2012

Day 11: Silverton

Yikes.  Still.  Can't.  Keep.  Up.

This is it.  The last day.  Day 11.  Well, actually Day 12 was the last day.  But that was mostly just driving home, so I'll spare you and myself that.

Let's get this puppy done so I can actually get on to other things we have been up to.  Hair dressing and puppy dog biscuit baking.  Aren't you excited?  I'm quaking in my slippers.  Or maybe that's because I'm cold.

Day 11 found us just relaxing around Silverton.  Rock throwing, ice cream, and hot tubbing. 

While family members were gone for the day, it was just our little family of four and the dog.  Except in the morning Biker Boy took off to do a mountain bike ride up the mountain behind our trailer spot.  So the kids and I played by the river.  Lots of rock throwing and rock stacking.

And train waving. 

Chewy tried selling coal that she collected near the train tracks.  My little entrepreneur made $1 and got rocks with minerals in them...all for a piece of coal.'s probably cause she's so cute.  Or just a great little seller of coal.

When Biker Boy came back we ventured into town for a walk. 

We stopped at Vern Parker's Hitching Post.  On a walk through town the night before we saw the older gentleman glass blowing in the window of his closed store.  So we had to go back!  Actually the kids made sure we went back.  And it was awesome!  The owner/glass blower had so many glass blown items that were so reasonably priced!  We let each kid pick out a treasure there to remember our trip (they each got a small glass blown item for $5...Chewy got a pink unicorn and Scooter got a sailboat).  We also got a family of glass blown rams for a special thing for our family.  I'm not much on getting things that just sit on a shelf, but we were really quite taken with these.  We also purchased a few extra for gifts for family members on the trip with us.  I should have taken a photo of those rams.   Stop there if you're in Silverton.

We had ice cream....before dinner.  We got ice cream a couple of times from Rocky Mountain Funnel Cakes and Cafe.  Our only closes so early.  It closes after the trains leave, so those of us left in Silverton have to go get ice cream.....before dinner.  Not that the kids were complaining about that.  But we did miss ice cream once when we tried to get it around 6pm.

I loved these snowboard benches.  Awesome.  I wanted one of the red/pink snowboards that some of the benches were made of.  Oh, and I'll also take a couple of snowboard benches for my back patio.  Love.

We actually visited the manufacturer of those snowboards.  Venture Snowboards.  They are made in Silverton (gotta love made in the USA!).  We visited with someone at Venture for a bit and he showcased all the different boards they have to Biker Boy.  Let's just say that Biker Boy has a Venture Snowboard on his list for "some day."  The kids just has a blast petting a cat and a dog in the showroom. 

We had a lovely time in Silverton and the rest of our trip through Southwest Colorado.  And back to real life.  I've missed the past couple of months.  I can't promise to keep up.  I'm busier than ever with both kids in school.  Who knew?

Halloween plans?  What are you up to this week?

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