Monday, November 12, 2012


I was suppose to go on a cruise with my mom.  In the warm sunshine.  But somehow I ended up in Amsterdam!  In the cold rain.  But at least I had someone to snuggle with.  So it was totally worth it!

Now you get the photo dump.  I just randomly picked photos from the hundreds I have and I'll just randomly say things.   Aren't you lucky?

There are lots of bikes in Amsterdam.  Lots and lots.  I think there are more bikes than people. rains in Amsterdam.  I live in the this was the most rain I've seen in a long time.  And people bike in the rain.  Okay...I've biked kids in a trailer, but I'm not sure how I would do with a two wheeled bike with a big box in the rain.

Did I mention there are lots of bikes?  Mostly single speeds.  It's flat in Amsterdam and below sea level.  I live at 6700ft....I could have run a marathon in Amsterdam. 

Sweet pretty flowered bikes.  With a rain cover.  Did I mention it rains there?

Look....more bikes.  I may have 100 photos of bikes.  And some blurry ones I tried to get of people riding the bikes in lots of different ways to show my bike riding family.  My kids kept saying, "They don't wear helmets."  We bike a little differently...mostly in the mountains.

This is an SUV of bikes.  Kid on the back and at least 4 in the front.  Sweet.

And I got to drive it!  I did drive an actual person in it too.  Good thing it's flat in Amsterdam.

When it gets sunny, the people flock to the park.  And ride bikes. 

I may have taken just a few photos of the canals and bikes.  Bikes and canals. 

Do not walk on the bike paths.  And watch out for cars, trolleys, buses, trains.  It was sensory overload for me.  I live in a rural area, this was busy to me.  And this photo doesn't even show busy.  It was lovely to see a new area. 

Tandem!  The only one I saw.  (We're tandem people.)

Tulips!  I did buy some.  I just had to make sure they were certified so they wouldn't take them from me in customs.  Since I had to declare my tulips, I got to go to the short line where they inspect your stuff.  The customs guy laughed at me when I told him I was planting these in the desert.  He said, "Good luck."  I may need it.  Chewy said she thinks that 3 will grow.  And yes, I've already planted them.  And kissed them good-bye.  At least the squirrels haven't gotten them.....yet.

Cheese!  And yes, I tried some.

People....Amsterdam.  Amsterdam....People.

A building.  I like old buildings.  Amsterdam was pretty neat to see.

Did I mention how many bikes there are? 

So many bikes that they actually have a parking garage for bikes.  Not cars.  That's four stories of bikes.  Amazing.  I may have taken 5 pictures of that.

Overall....fabulous trip.  Missed my family, but happy to see my family.  If you know what I mean.  Thanks for the trip to everyone involved in some way with it!  I loved it!

Anyone else.....Amsterdam?  Did you see bikes?

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