Saturday, November 10, 2012

Chewy's Fashion for Girls - November 2012

Chewy's Fashion for Girls - November 2012

1) Chewy's choice of an outfit for studio portraits.  It's a purple and gray dress paired with tiny heeled silver shoes.  Accessories include plastic hair barrettes and a black sequin purse. 

2) Chewy's choice of an outdoor portrait outfit is black pants with sequins and a white and black sequined long-sleeved t-shirt.  She accessorized it with purple sequin shoes, a purple sequin hat, and berry colored mittens for a pop of color!  I did not influence her choices in any way  (I would have picked purple mittens).  I love my girl's individual sense of style!  She makes me smile!

*We are not affiliated in any way with Target.  My little girl and I just spent some fun time together letting her pick out some outfits for girls to wear for a photo shoot.  These are items that appealed to my little fashionista and we like to shop at Target.*

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