Monday, November 26, 2012

How To Do Laundry's like dishes.  It's always there to do.  And if you leave it alone, it's still there and just piles up. 

Okay, this is really not how to do laundry.  This is just the progression in our family.  And so....I love laundry....because my kids do it.

I've already shown how one of the kids' chores was to put their laundry in the washing machine.  Yes, it's with adult supervision.  Because sometimes band-aids, sticks, hair things, pencils, stickers, and unidentified objects can end up in the washing machine if I don't remind the kids to empty their pockets. 

So the kids would put their laundry in the washing machine.  Then I would fold.  Then the kids would put their laundry away.  Except.....except....they never put the laundry away in the same nicely folded condition that I folded it in.  It was a waste of my folding.  And a time waster to be folding their clothes if they were only going to unfold it as they put it away.  So the kids earned a new chore.

Folding their own clothes!  I tell you....this was a brilliant idea that Biker Boy and I had.  Just brilliant.  (You get that sarcasm?)

So the kids fold their own clothes.  They have fun with it.   Clothes are flying everywhere, kids are laughing, underwear is on the head.  It's a good time.  But at least they get it done.  And I don't have to do it. 

I did take pictures one day.  I'm giving you the full view into our messy everything.  Enjoy.  It's not pretty, but it's ours and we love it.  The kids too.  We love them.....messy and all. 

Do you love laundry because you don't have to do it all?  I'm one happy momma to have kids happily folding laundry.  I just ignore it when its flying through the air.  Unless it hits me and then the kids get to fold my laundry.  Folding tips?

Have a great week!

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