Thursday, November 8, 2012

It's That Time of The Year Again

Yep.  The beginning of November.

The beginning of November means buying our Christmas Tree.  This is our 6th potted living Christmas tree, one for every year we've been in this house.  It's our third Ponderosa.  Not exactly cheap, but worth it for a living tree that's native to our area.  Is it too early to buy a Christmas tree?  They've already had Christmas stuff up in the stores for weeks now.  This little beauty will be sitting on our back porch for a bit before she comes in.  Isn't she pretty in the morning light?  I have to shoot her in the morning because it's darn dark in the evening. 

The beginning of November means that it gets dark early.  Really early.  And it's super dark when it's bedtime reading time.  Way Dark.  It makes me sleepy way too early.  How about you?

What does early November mean to you?

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