Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Operation Christmas Child 2012

This week is collection week for Operation Christmas Child.

We've been packing boxes every year since 2004.  Our kids are getting into it more and more every year.

This year I had all the stuff we've collected throughout the year laying on the table for when the kids got home from school.  We had enough for 4 boxes this year.

The kids had fun packing all the stuff.  My kids always have funny faces in photos.  And yes, Chewy comes home from school and puts on pajamas.  That's my girl!

Chewy packed 2 boxes for girls near her age.

Scooter packed 2 boxes for boys near his age.

We were successful in jamming everything into 4 boxes. And we prayed that these boxes go to the children they're meant to go to.  Chewy is sure that the "princess stuff box" she packed will go to a girl who wants princess stuff.  And I'm sure it will.

We watched some of the videos at Operation Christmas Child of kids receiving their boxes.  I tear up every time, it never fails. 

Did you pack boxes this year?

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