Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Turkey Recap

I don't have anything useful for you today.  Just a turkey recap for the grandparents.  And anyone else who wants to know what we were up to.  (I'm painting Chewy's room all this week....so I'm covered in paint!)

For the fifth year in a row we did the 5K Turkey Trek on Thanksgiving morning.  Except this time we didn't have any extended family members in tow.  So I ran myself while Biker Boy was in charge of the kids and dog.  We ended up running into a neighbor (who recognized our dog and not us), a mother from my old MOPS group in town, and Scooter's teacher!  Kinda remarkable considering there were over 2000 people there.

Biker Boy pushed Chewy in the stroller and ran next to or behind Scooter.  The dog ran about a mile after the congestion cleared up.  It was a congested race this year.  Lots of people and a one lane road.  But our boy ran so well for his first ever 5K and first ever running race.  The kid didn't train and even ran it in 31 minutes!  That includes a stop for a puff of the inhaler!  Amazing!

Chewy ran the 1K kid's race.  It was the busiest kid's race I've ever seen!  She ran so fast and dodged around the people like it was game!  And yes, that's me behind her......after I finally caught up to her!

I surprisingly ended up third in my age group.  Not the best picture, but at least it proves I got a medal.  The kids love that mommy won a medal for them.  And I paid the price later.  I was so sick when we got home.  We were suppose to have turkey for lunch, but didn't have it until dinner because I was laying sick in bed for a couple of hours.  It was like the 3-hour flu.  It was horrible, I'm convinced running fast is not good for you.

On Black Friday we ventured out and finally got a new-to-us car.  We've only been looking for months and months.  But good deals come to those who wait.  Here's the kids getting into the new vehicle for the first time.  They rode the hour and a half drive home with Daddy, while I got to drive our old van home in quietness. 

I know....I need to get a better picture of it.  It's a 2011 Mazda CX-9.  I just started driving it on Sunday and I love it!  I don't need to get a run at the driveway anymore!  It just goes up it and I can even drive it slow up the driveway!  Plus it's comfy and quiet!  But we miss all the storage we had in the mini-van.  But alas...they don't make an AWD mini-van with high ground clearance at a good price. 

And let's end with a photo of the kids playing in their jammies.  Cause that's what they do when they have the time.  And we spent a lot of time playing this past weekend.  Thank you to a certain family member for the birthday gift that the kids are playing with.  They've been creating up a storm!

How was your turkey day?  We missed all our family members....we love you all!

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