Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Back From China Again

Biker Boy once again made a trip to China for business.  Here's his trip last time in this post.  This time was a quick, quick trip.  And it'll get a quick, quick post.  Biker Boy did take a couple of photos.  The kids love to see the photos of some of the things their daddy eats.  He was able to grab a few photos of some of the food, not all.  But we love to hear the stories of what he eats and what his favorites are.

Lots of peppers in the food. I think Biker Boy liked this one.

The breakfast buffet at the hotel.  Biker Boy got stopped trying to take a banana out.  No food leaves that room.  Of course my first comment was, "Look!  Donuts!"

Biker Boy's favorite dish.  Skewered shrimp in a bed of peppers.

The breakfast of Biker Boy's Chinese co-worker.  Octopus.

Biker Boy's breakfast.  He thinks it was chicken.  They leave the bones in when they you know it's real.

Another favorite of Biker Boy's.  I think this is dim sum. 

Biker Boy got to stay at a nice resorty place.  With lots of pools that were connected by pool streams.  The kids and I would have so been on that if we were with Biker Boy.  But alas...he said the pools were closed most of the time.

Anyone ever try octopus?

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