Monday, December 17, 2012

Loving On My Family

I am filled with tearful heartfelt sympathy for all the families dealing with the tragedy in Connecticut.  I can not even imagine and all I can do is pray.  I've got a kindergartner and a second grader....and I can't even fathom what those families are going through.  I put my little ones on the bus this morning and I could only do it with a prayer.

Because of the snow here on Friday the principal called and said that buses would run as normal, but that kids could get an excused absence if parents picked them up.  I helped with science in Scooter's class that day, but then brought the kids home early with me when I was done.  The snow had already melted, but I wanted my kids near me.  I know I hugged them longer, harder, and much more that day.

I try to cherish those everyday moments with my kids.  I know I get caught up in the moment of frustrations sometimes (when they aren't getting ready for the bus!) and even their messy rooms can irritate me.  But in the scheme of things...that's so little....and I need to remember and cherish their smiles, their tears,and  the times we share together.  If I can teach them anything it's to find Joy in Jesus and not their circumstances.  You really never know how long you have with your loved ones.  So I'm going to hug my little ones every chance I get.

We've been trying to make the most of our family time together.  Biker Boy broke our inexpensive point-and-shoot camera on a business trip to China.  I wasn't devastated, since it really didn't take great photos.  Biker Boy recently got us a Canon PowerShot A2400IS at Costco so we can capture some of those memories quickly and easily.  And here are some of those shots:

Family Gingerbread Village Making Night
Mommy and Scooter on the chairlift for our first run of the season.

Daddy and Chewy at the top of our first run of the season.  Right before Chewy got tackled when she started going fast down the hill.  Wish we had that on movie...hah!

Chewy playing in the snow.

Daddy helping Scooter with his first snowboard run of the year.  Chewy just loves to ride the magic carpet.

Chewy and Mommy on a blue square.  Such a big girl to try it on our first time out this season! She's so brave!

Scooter snowboarding his first time this season.  He rocks the heel edge, but needs a little more practice on his toe edge before he's ripping the turns and transitions!

Scooter on the snowboard, Chewy on her skis, and Mommy (in purple) on her snowboard in the upper left corner.

Our cute little snow bunny.....aka....The Flying Burrito.  Except on this day she wanted to be called "Pretty Kitty."  Ever read "Bad Kitty" books? 

Scooter and Mommy snowboarding in the snow. 

Mommy, Scooter, and Chewy.  Daddy was rocking the camera!

Scooter resting in the snow.
Mommy and Scooter

And here's a couple with my big camera:

Daddy reading to the kids.
Scooter and Chewy making chocolate pretzels.
Here's the recipe to the chocolate pretzels.  We make them every Christmas.  This was the first year that the kids did the majority of the pretzels.  I just put the chocolates in the oven, they did the rest.  And we ate quite a bit of them while skiing.  Yummy!

Are you hugging your loved ones a little more today?  I can't wait to hug some of my other family members soon and I'm missing the ones we can't hug today!  Love you all!

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  1. So true to that extra loving! I sure wish we got to see you guys!

    Love ya,
    Tu prima


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