Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Christmas Recap

Back to the real life!  Kids in school and things a happening here on the home front.  (Psst....my website is now live...though it needs some work still.  You can check it out at www.chrissymartinphotography.com So exciting!)

Alright...let me do a nonsensical recap of our holiday happenings.

It all started with my boy bringing home a tummy bug from school.  The first Saturday night of Christma break I was up ALL NIGHT with my boy.  He was vomiting every 15 minutes for nearly 6 hours.  It was yucky.  I was up all night caring for him, disinfecting every surface he touched, and bleaching out his puke bucket every 15 minutes.  Not fun.  But I love that kid.  By morning he was all better! 

Then my girl went and took scissors to her own hair.  Yep, she got a haircut then.  Nearly 6 inches off.  But she likes it short with bangs.  And it fits her personality.   We think she looks like Ramona (and even acts like!).

Christmas Eve involved family fun, church, and opening gifts during the day.  We have a tradition that we give the kids money to spend on each other.  They get the amount of dollars equal to the age of Chewy.  So this year it was a limit of $5 to spend on each other.  But Scooter wanted to get his little sister a Lego set that cost $6.  So he took a dollar out of his piggy bank and gave it to us.  What a sweet boy!  Chewy got Biker Boy a Spiderman that he loved!

Unfortunately after church on Christmas Eve I came down with the bug I had tried to avoid.  I was sick all Christmas Eve.  Fortunately I was only once every hour for 5 hours.  Biker Boy did the Christmas Eve duties, tended to the kids on Christmas, and even made dinner.  Fortunately no one else came down with the bug.

Biker Boy was in charge of getting photos on Christmas morning.  The kids weren't too fond of it.  (Totally kidding...Scooter accidentally bumped Chewy hard as he was sitting down.)

Christmas morning was lovely.  Minus the fact that I was weak and tired from being up the night before sick.

After being free of barfing for 24 hours, we were able to set off on our trip to meet up with family.  We would have gone a day later if anyone was still sick.  Thankfully we only had a short living virus that caused throwing up and no fevers.  (We've all had the flu shot!)

We went to Arizona.  Biker Boy put up with me taking photos of the large cactus out the window. 

We had a lovely time with extended family and stayed in a huge house that held our 4 families with room to spare! 

We had a fire pit to roast marshmallows.  But the only way to roast them was to stick them in the fire and burn them.  Otherwise, the fire just wasn't hot!

There was a putting course that the kids enjoyed.

A pool that we didn't enjoy because it was too cold.

And lots of room in the house to play. 

And the kids enjoyed their own room with their own queen sized beds.  There's little Chewy sleeping in her Hello Kitty sleeping mask!

We visited the Phoenix Zoo.  We all loved it.  And my, they had some well-fed prairie dogs!  And snow-tubing (minus the snow) was a high point for the kids!

We went to the Superstition mountains for lunch and hiking.  Oh...a photo of me.  I'm in the neon green fleece...see me?

And there was a trip to a ghost town.  Plus some ice cream!

We also went to the circus.  It was awesome.  I loved watching the kids watch the circus.  They were mesmerized by it.  We saw the Zoppe Circus...we highly recommend it!  We were highly entertained by it.  It was a small family single ring circus and we were up close to the action, even though we were sitting in the last row! It was the kids' favorite thing of our vacation!

We had wonderful memories on our vacation with family.  We visited places (I can't forget IKEA!), we played, we talked, and we ate!  But the best thing was just spending time with family!

Oh, we got out skiing one more time after getting home.  I didn't take many shots.  They barely had enough snow to open where we went.  Biker Boy beat up his board on the rocks pretty badly.  But I did get a shot at the top, while we had lunch, and one of Chewy's snowman!

And now back to the daily life!  And new adventures in a new year!  Happy New Year!  What are your plans for the year?

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