Monday, January 14, 2013

Freezing Our Bottoms Off

It's snowing right now.  Not much, but at least it's adding some white to our winter.  We had wanted to go skiing and boarding this past weekend, but there is a lack of snow in our local area.  So we went sledding.  I know...go sledding instead of skiing because of a lack of snow. Yes...we're strange.  But we did have to go almost to the top of the mountain to find some snow left.

 It was also freezing cold this past that meant we didn't mind if we only sledded for a bit. Especially since it's free.  And skiing costs a lot.  It was a balmy 7 degrees up on the mountain at our usual sledding spot.  And there were actually other people there.  (Yes, yes...7 is warm for some of you!)

We all bundled up more than usual.  We had warmie packs for our mittens and boots.  We had hot cider in insulated mugs.  And we bundled the dog in his coat and booties (which he didn't like!).  We also wore our ski goggles for the first time in awhile.  We usually wear sunglasses, but only put the goggles on when it's really cold.  We also got complimented by someone for wearing our helmets while sledding.  Thank you!  Plus...they're warm.

We took our favorite inner tube sleds (I got on clearance last year).  We love those things because they cushion the bumps, they're pretty comfortable to ride in, and they go fast!  But....they don't do so well in the cold.  The vinyl got really brittle and we ended up with a 1 and a half inch gash in one of the tubes.  It went into the garbage.  The other one got a hole that we were able to patch.  Bummer.  But we had an hour and half of fun.  The kids did so well!  They never complained and they kept wanting to climb the hill to ride again.

The dog was happy just to sit on his blanket or hide in the bag we brought.  He chased us a couple of times, but it was way colder than usual for our poor puppy.

We had a great time sledding and then enjoyed a movie night with the kids. 

What else have I got...oh...quote of the week.  I guess you have to know my kids to understand this one, but it made me laugh.  Here's a little background...Chewy likes to play "puppy dog" with her brother sometimes.  Scooter can't stand to eat anything that has been touched by someone else's mouth or by any part of his sister's body.  He doesn't like to eat anything that she has even ripped in half.

Scooter: "Mama, I have to change my shirt!"
Me: "Why?"
Scooter: "Chewy licked it!" 
I didn't let him change his shirt...he had just put it on and the kids were brushing their teeth while getting ready for school.  It was at least clean spit (and I couldn't even see where she licked it)!

Busy, busy week.  I've got to get it started!  Dentist, school, errands, meetings, and lots of other stuff!  I'll be having a giveaway later to celebrate the grand opening of my website. So you can check that out later and enter if you want  Thanks!

What's up with your week?

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