Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Our Weekend

We spent the weekend at Wolf Creek skiing and boarding.  Cause there isn't much snow near us.  So we drove to find it.  We stayed at a house with 2 other families and had a fun time.  And because the first place we rented to stay at flooded due to a burst pipe...the place we stayed at ended up being a super good deal.  Like super good.  Like enough money saved to head back to Wolf Creek again.  You gotta love it. 

The kids are crazy good little skiers and boarders this year.  Chewy lasts nearly all day and Scooter was out the second day with his Daddy until they closed the lifts.  I am officially the slow one now.  The kids are way faster than me.

We really didn't get many photos.  Biker Boy did get more movies, but I haven't uploaded them to put here.  There aren't many action shots either.  I just didn't get the camera out until we were having lunch!

So here's a quick review of our 2 days of snow fun.

Lunch at the car.  Oops, we left the back hatch open after lunch and when I came back to the car a few hours later I discovered it open.  Thankfully the dog was still in the car.  And all our stuff.  Good dog.

I did get one of Scooter coming back to the lift on his snowboard.

Chewy making a snow angel.  I think we were waiting for the boys.

We headed into Pagosa Springs to eat at the Mexican restaurant for supper after the first day.  We first took a walk along the river path.  It was funny to see people in their bathing suits in the hot springs while surrounded by snow.

 We attempted a self family portrait by one of the springs.  I'm walking towards the camera because I thought it wasn't working.  That was the only attempt.  Good dog.

While eating Chewy discovered that she has her first loose tooth!  My baby!  She cried because it hurt and it was bleeding.  She bit too hard into her cheesy tortilla and discovered her tooth was loose.  My baby!

Scooter reading to his sister before bedtime after skiing all day.

Aren't they cute sleeping?  They look just the same.  They were tuckered out!

Lunch the second day.  I forgot to pack stuff for sandwiches, but we had enough other food to eat.  Pumpkin muffins and applesauce.  Yum.  

We got home around 10pm that night and thankfully the kids didn't have school the next day.  They both slept in!  And ask Chewy about the guy in the swimsuit?!  There were a few barely clad people out on the slopes.  Crazy people.  Attention seekers.  Something.  One guy was in a speedo (the small kind) with a swim cap and goggles on....all while on skis.  Craaaaazy.  I hope he didn't fall.  Anyone else see anything crazy this past weekend?

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