Thursday, January 24, 2013

Quick Burn

Yesterday I looked out my window to see this:

Fire!  But it was a prescribed burn.  They've been doing quite a few of them in the forests around here since we had some moisture and the weather has been decent to do it.

Except I thought it was a little windy yesterday.  So it was a little smokey.

I could even see the flames from our house.  Normally I've only been able to see smoke, but this burn was less than 3 miles away.

Wildfire is always a big concern around here.  Here's hoping we don't ever have one.  Thankfully we are able to get fire insurance because our neighborhood has fire hydrants. 

You know what I learned from the Department of Homeland Security (they came to one of our mom's meetings and did their best to freak us out.....kidding about the freaking out....kinda)?  The best place to keep your paper records is not in your fire proof safe in case of a fire.  There's where we keep ours.  The best place is in a ziploc bag in the back of your freezer.  I've gotta get on getting my wildfire safety stuff together. 

What would you grab if you had to evacuate due to a natural disaster?  There have been so many of them lately.  I'd be happy just to have my family and pets (I know...some of you are thinking...why not leave the cat?!).  With our luck, we'd be away from our house at the time of an evacuation.  But as long as we had each other, that would be enough.  Not that I wouldn't be sad about losing some of my things.  But that's it....they're things.  But if I could grab a few hard drive, my camera, and the safe.  And I'd probably be taking photos of the house and stuff as I was evacuating. 

With that being said....go and enjoy the things you have.  And love on your family.  I can't wait to hug mine when they get home.  

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