Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Recent IKEA Finds

You either love IKEA or you don't.  Or you just don't care.  So I'm forewarning ya....IKEA loving up ahead.

You know I love me some IKEA.  If I'm lucky, I make it there once a year.  And once again I got to have my trip there when we went away for Christmas.  But I could only bring home what we could fit in our already packed vehicle and drive home.

You may know that I love my Ektorp couches.  Most people find this rambling blog of mine because of my love of those Ektorps.  And I'm pretty pleased with the items we came away with this time.  I've already talked about my love of the $2.99 milk frother.  If I ever get to an IKEA again, I'm going to pick up a bunch of those babies.  Some to give away as gifts and one or two more to keep!

Here's what else I came away with and my reasoning behind the purchase:

Recent IKEA Finds

1) My favorite little blender.  $2.99.  Love it. IKEA Produkt

2)  Biker Boy picked out this french press. $12.99.  And honestly, I use it everyday.  I haven't yet used it for coffee, but I will try sometime.  I put loose green tea leaves in it and have myself a couple cups of tea.  IKEA Upphetta

3) Tea infuser. $1.99.  I drink lots of tea.  Biker Boy stocks up on green tea when he travels to China for work.  So we need lots of tea infusers to drink that tea.  I believe Biker Boy threw this on in our cart too.  I love that man! IKEA Idealisk

4) A cream blanket.  $12.99.  It matches our decor and my primary reason for throwing it in the cart was so I could use it as a backdrop for newborn photos with my photography.  I'm all for double uses of things.  Oh...the gray one (that doesn't have a number) is the same blanket, just in gray.  I love gray.  This one will be used for photography also, but it also resides on the master bed and soaks up the afternoon sun.  Seriously...more than once I may have snuggled up in this warm blanket and dreamed of warm things and places.  Oh the joy of a sunny warm blanket!  IKEA Gurli / IKEA Gurli

5) Another blanket.  Pretty blanket.  Interesting blanket and texture.  $19.99.  This isn't a keep-you-warm blanket.  It's light and pretty.  Again, I got this with newborn photos in mind.  I actually just used it as a backdrop in a 5-year-old girl's session (not my own girl).  It resides on an IKEA Tullsta chair in the master bedroom when not in use for photography.  I like it.  IKEA Ofelia

6) Biker Boy picked out this rug.  $19.99.  Great price!  My man knows me so well and has great style...probably better than me.  Our back patio door was hosting a Home Depot car mat (you know...the ones kids drive cars on) as a rug when you stepped into the house.  We're kid classy.  But the car rug got the boot when Biker Boy saw this one.  It fits perfectly across our french patio doors and it's gray.  I love gray.  And the light cream flower design is perfect.  It looks awesome near our Ektorp couches.  It's also thin and fits under the doors and it's easy to vacuum.  Gotta love it! IKEA Gislev

7) Light scented candles.  $1.99 for small and $3.99 for large.  I had the kids pick out a bunch of these.  They're easy hostess gifts.  Or easy Valentine's gifts.  The kids teachers (all lovely ladies) got one of these as their Valentine's gift.  IKEA Tindra

8) Fake sheepskin.  $9.99.  I lie.  Well, not really.  I couldn't find a photo of what I got and this is the closest thing.  Actually, I'm now wishing I would have picked up a fake sheepskin.  Oh well.  I actually got a flokati rug made with 100% wool (not sheepskin).  It was a special for $19.99.  It's lovely and beautiful and I got it with photography in mind.  Finding a trend here?  I used it in the little girl's shots and I plan to use it with some newborn shots I have coming up.  It resides on the back of bench in our house, I don't use it as a rug since it will be used for photos.  Here's a photo of it that I took to show some props on my photography FB site.  You can also see the white blanket.  (If you're local to me....like my FB page and I have casting calls for free sessions and photos!) IKEA Tejn

9) Again, I lie.  This isn't actually what I got.  I think they were clearing out what I got.  But I did get 2 striped pillow cases.  They are....surprise, surprise....gray and cream.  $5 each.  Not too shabby for pillow cases with zippers.  IKEA Elvilda

Yep, quite a few photography related purchases.  I'm wishing I would have actually gotten one of those fake sheepskins.  Bummer.  Oh well.  There's always next time.  And I already have a fake one in gray that I picked up at Target on clearance.  Oh....I love me some IKEA and orange stickers at Target.

We also picked up some cute napkins, colorful straws, a few kitchen towels, and lots of food stuff.  Biker Boy can fill a cart with food stuff quicker than I can turn around.  I don't take that man shopping enough, he needs to make up for lost time.  Plus he puts good things in our cart!  

And that, my dear people, is my most recent IKEA finds.  I'm happy with each and every one of them.  And so very thankful.  What are your favorite finds?

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