Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Spring Break Fever

It's spring break here.  Lots of fun with the kids!  Holidays, birthdays, celebrations coming up.

We spent the past weekend at Wolf Creek skiing and boarding. They got about 16 inches the day we drove up and it snowed another 16 inches the Saturday we were there.  It was a total powder day!  The kids didn't enjoy the powder as much as mom and dad.  They were a little too lite weight and had too small of skis for the powder, so they didn't move as well as they are use to.  The next day was sunny and clear, so it was a better day for them.  Ask Chewy about getting "lost."  She'll say she wasn't lost, but for over 5 minutes (an eternity to a mom who can't find her kid) I couldn't locate her because she wasn't in our meeting spot.  I had even started to get the ski patrol when someone pushed her up to us.  She apparently went fast past our meeting area and couldn't get back up to it.  Here's the photo dump of that adventure weekend:

And we took a few photos yesterday (and a couple of week ago) for Chewy's 6th birthday and for St. Patrick's Day.  As you can see above.  But the big news is that Biker Boy pulled Chewy's loose tooth out last night.  She's missing her first tooth!  My big baby!  She was very excited to get up this morning and see that the tooth fairy remembered to visit!   So here's a few photos of the kiddos and Gandalf the Egg (a homework project that Scooter did and is very proud of).  I'll try and remember to email family a link to a file of photos sometime.  Maybe after spring break.

And that is a quick recap.  Off to play with the kiddos and celebrate a little girl's birthday!  Have a fun week everyone!

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