Wednesday, March 6, 2013

What's Happening?

Seriously, where does time go?  It's March!

We've been up to the usual stuff.  School, skiing, cleaning cat barf. 

Photo collages to catch you up.  And remind me what we did.  Below is mostly Chewy.  The upper left corner is us skiing at Santa Fe. It was raining, thus the frowny face.  It's not right to snowboard in rain.  Snow is better.  There's the dog in his Super Dog cape.  Go Ranger!  And Chewy with her favorite bear.  Plus Daddy has been teaching her guitar every now and then.  She likes it. 

These are mostly Scooter.  He loves reading "Choose Your Own Adventure" books lately.  He's quite the little mountain biker.  We took a hike/bike in the foothills a couple of weeks ago.  Scooter is on the bike, Chewy is trail running.  Oh, and we went roller skating for the first time.  And by "we" I mean Biker Boy, Chewy, and Scooter.  There was no way I was going to put skates on and go on a hard surface with my coordination.  Snow is much softer to fall on.  And Chewy is still sporting a huge bruise on her bottom from falling on the floor a couple of times.  The kids are still trying to master skating (it was their first time) but they had a blast at this birthday party for a dear friend!  Chewy has requested a skating party for her 12th birthday!  Guess I have 6 years to decide on that one!

Here's our last weekend of fun.  Ski season is drawing to a close.  We have to travel far to find snow.  Some of you keep getting hit with it, would you mind sending it this way?  A little more to the south please?  We venture to Sipapu late in the ski season every year to see their snow castle.  And play on it.  Two points if you can spot the kids.  Plus we also enjoy the skiing.  My kids now have to wait for me at the bottom of the slope. 

Spring break is coming up.  Next week.  Goodness.  And today I had both of my arms poked for blood (just a check-up) and nada...nothing...couldn't find any blood.  So now I'm sporting multiple pokes in my arms and band-aids.  And guess what I get to do?  Fast again and have them poke me again tomorrow.  But tomorrow I'm going to the lab where all they do is draw blood all day.  I'm use to people not being able to get blood from me, but I'm hopeful they'll get it from me tomorrow. I'll drink a gallon of water tomorrow morning instead of half a gallon.  Hopefully that will help.  Anyone else have trouble with people getting your blood? 

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