Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Catching Up

Time is flying!  Especially when I've had sick kids, course work to do to keep up my teaching license (just finished!), regular life stuff, and I've photographed a couple of babies lately.  I always tell Biker Boy that I'm "shooting a baby today."  He gives me a funny face when I say that.  I guess "photographing" is more appropriate.  Any hoo, I shot a couple of newborn babies lately.  Getting my baby fix...cause we have no plans for any more (sorry grandparents).  You can check out my photography page for some previews of that and hopefully some blog posts of the babies soon.  Or my FB page has more photos.  Just saying...that's what I've been up to.  I have lots of posts I want to do here....but alas...I either haven't gotten my camera out to do it or I just haven't taken the time.'s time to catch up with what our wacky household has been up to.  Did you know it's snowing here?  Snowing!  The kiddos and I got out to the bus a minute late today (crazy, hurried mama!) and we waited forever for the bus.  I wasn't sure if we missed it or if it was late.  So we headed back to the house and I was getting stuff to drive the kids when we heard the bus coming up the hill.  We were booking it back to the bus stop.  Luckily the bus driver saw us before he took off again.  Apparently they closed the freeway due to an accident and the bus couldn't get over one of the overpasses and had to take the long way around to get over the freeway.  But the kids made it on the bus.  And I got to finish my homework. 

Okay, let's see.  I've got collages of photos.  In the one below...we have Scooter reading.  He loves the books his aunt gets him.  There's Chewy with her birthday cake....her favorite colors of yellow and pink.  It had princesses and roses on it.  There's the kids playing with legos...while home sick.  There's Biker Boy and his kids (dog included) soaking up the sun.  This was just before Chewy and Daddy went on their "date."  She was so excited about it and dressed up for it.  I got to stay home with a sick kid.  And there's Scooter with his camouflage Easter egg.  Those eggs are another story....I tried the hard-boiled egg directions on the container (get to boiling and shut off heat and leave for 10 minutes with top on and then stick in cold water).  Um....when we went to eat the eggs...they weren't cooked at all.  I mean, not at all....they were completely runny.  It was an Epic Fail.  18 eggs in the trash.  I'll stick with over boiling my eggs from now on.....thank you.

And another collage.  The kids moved up in bike sizes.  They look so tiny on their new bikes.  Chewy moved up to the 20" GT that Scooter use to ride.  Biker Boy put different brakes on it so she can reach the brakes easier.  Biker Boy is helping her out on it for the first time.  Scooter got a 24" Novara Ponderosa.  (Thanks to our REI dividend and 20% off coupon!)  Doesn't he look tiny on it?  But the kid is rocking it!  He's already done an 18 mile road ride on it and rode it off-road a couple of times.  Both kids and Biker Boy are doing a mountain bike race in May.  I'll get to trail run along side of Chewy.  Both kids got sick...not at the same time of course.  And the dog kept watch over both of them.  It was so cute!  And there's those epic fail eggs.  At least the kids and their cousin colored them pretty!  And apparently the kids were very careful coloring the eggs, because they didn't break them.  Maybe next time I don't have to hard boil the eggs for the kids to color them.

And that is what we have been up to the last couple of weeks.  What about you?
Oh...and our house is now under video surveillance when we leave.  I'll have to write about that sometime.  Good times.

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