Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Surprise Trip to Florida

Some of you knew that I was planning a surprise trip to Florida.  Biker Boy had to go there on business, so I thought the kids and I would take advantage of it and go along with him.  Except I didn't tell the kids.  And I almost blew the surprise a number of times.  I packed up all their stuff without them knowing while they were at school on Friday.

Then Saturday morning, the boy woke up puking.  Great.  Thankfully he didn't have a fever and after a trip to urgent care (a few hours knocked out my day there) and a dose of anti-nausea medication....the kid was good to go.  Scooter came into "big" church with Biker Boy and I on Sunday and if you know him...he's like me....a shy kid.  But he asked me to go up front with him during prayer time so he could get prayer for all his sicknesses.  Poor kid...he was puking just 3 weeks prior to this time. But fortunately he was all better and doing well by the time we left church to take Daddy to the airport.  Somehow the kids asked if we could take Daddy into the airport, which helped with the whole parking thing.  As we headed into the parking area, Biker Boy told me to tell the kids.  I quickly got out the camera and turned it on.  But I was too excited and didn't focus it, so my movie of telling the kids is blurry.  I asked them if they wanted to go to Florida and they both said yes.  They thought I was just asking and were shocked when it started to dawn on them that we were going to Florida.  It was a great moment.

Then we found out our plane was delayed due to weather in Florida.  When we did get on the plane, it was a ride more exciting than any ride we did at Universal Studios.  I have never felt so much turbulance, plane shaking, and violent dips before.  People were making lots of noise.  The kids did pretty well.  Scooter didn't seem too worried and was sitting next to me (I was worried!).  And Chewy was holding on very tightly to her Daddy's hand.  Our plane had to be diverted to Tampa to refuel and wait before we could continue on to Orlando.  People actually clapped when we landed.  I have to say I was beginning to think if going on this trip was a bad idea between a puking kid the day before and a shaky plane ride. But all turned out well.  We didn't get to our hotel until after 1am.  We were tired!  Biker Boy had to be up at 7am to head to class and the kids slept well past 9am.  We relaxed that day and the kids got another surprise when their Grandma showed up at the hotel!  Chewy's reaction was priceless, love that girl's facial expressions.  We had a fun day playing in the pool.  Oh, and the kids did homework every morning too.

The next day we spent at Universal's Islands of Adventure.  Why Universal and not Disney?  Cause it was across the street from our hotel.  Biker Boy met us there in the evening.  Our first ride we did was one where we got wet....who knew?!  We talked with an employee in the "If I Ran the Zoo" area while the kids were playing and getting wet again.  When he left for another shift, he took us with him and got us on the "Cat In The Hat" ride ahead of the line!  Thank you!!  It was a lovely surprise and that ride was one of Chewy's favorites after that. And we totally recommend eating at the Three Broomsticks in Harry Potter area.  We actually ate there twice.  Good food, great prices on kids meals, and it's entertaining.  There are shadows of things that pop up at different times on different walls, Scooter was getting really good at finding them.  And we did try the Butterbeer (yum...like a buttery cream soda) and the pumpkin juice (like apple cider with pumpkin pie spices).  Skip the Butterbeer lines out on the street and head into the Three Broomsticks to get it.

The next day we went to Universal Studios.  Chewy did not like the ET ride, but Scooter loved it.  They both loved the water slide and the foam ball area in Curious George.  I wised up and dressed the kids in their swim shorts and shirts for the last two days.  I also wore my running gear because it dried faster than the cotton shorts I had planned on wearing.  Chewy was brave and outgoing and got her photo with the girls from Despicable Me.  She also went up and talked to Donkey and Shrek and got her photo with them.  She was the last one to be able to talk to Donkey when we went up and it was super cute.  Scooter is the more bashful one and stood back and watched.  Biker Boy met us there later so we could take Scooter on the rides that Chewy didn't want to do, such as Men In Black Alien Blasters.  We discovered Chewy didn't like any ride in the dark and especially ones in the dark that had fire, heat, or water squirting at you.  She was not acting in the "Disaster" ride when we were suppose to act scared.  They should have filmed her.  

Our third day at Universal we went to Islands of Adventure (we got the buy 2 days get a third day free deal).  We started with Spider Man and of course Chewy did not like that one.  We then went to one of her favorites, the Pterandon Flyers in Jurassic Park.  We then went into the Dinosaur Discovery Center and Chewy got the honor of naming a newborn baby raptor.  She named it Emma and even got a souvenir birth certificate.  Scooter, Biker Boy, and I went to hit some "big kid" rides while Chewy stayed with Grandma in her favorite Suess Land.  Biker Boy, Scooter, and I got thoroughly soaked on the white water rafting ride and enjoyed the Jurassic River Adventure, which was a favorite of ours.  We did the Harry Potter ride through the castle and I was most impressed by the free lockers we got to use....because they used a fingerprint sensor that Biker Boy helped design. Unfortunately the fingerprint sensors to get into the park aren't from the company Biker Boy works for....and they didn't want to take his fingerprint on his first day.  They were rebeling since he works for a competitor!  Oh, and Chewy did not like Poseidon's Fury.  Dark and fire again.

We then got to venture to Grandma and Grandpa's lovely new place in Florida.  It's so nice!  We spent a windy day the beach.  Scooter loved playing in the water and Chewy loved playing in the sand.  We didn't find many seashells, but that's okay.  We all did get a little sand blasted.


It was a lovely trip.  Fun to get away, but nice to get home.  I hope your week went well too!

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