Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Dawn to Dusk 2013

Time is flying too fast!  And I'd better get some of these latest adventure photos posted before my kids are home for the summer.  (I can hardly wait! I think I'm more excited for summer break than they are!)

So we traveled to the Dawn to Dusk race the night before the race and set up our trailer.  Chewy managed to slip down a steep slab of rocks and scuffed herself up.  And then she went right back out to climb the rocks again.  That's my girl! 

I think we all managed to get a good night's sleep.  If I remember correctly Chewy was talking in her sleep.  I think she was rock climbing in her sleep and also lost her bear in her sleep.  (Side story...the time we went to the indoor climbing gym and went to check on a sleeping Chewy after climbing for 3 hours....she was climbing in her sleep.  It was so funny and cute the way she was reaching her arms above her head and grabbing on to her bed.  Wish I had a movie of it.)

Biker Boy went second in the rotation of 4 guys.  The race went from 8am to 8pm.  The kids spent much of the day climbing rocks, hiking around (when I could go with them), playing with other kids, biking, resting in the trailer, and cheering their daddy on.  The dog garnered a lot of attention from a bunch of little girls that were in the campsite with us.  Scooter managed to land in a cactus again and had a bunch of thorns stuck in his hand.  Some were embedded pretty deeply and Biker Boy had to use a knife to get one out.  Yep, it wouldn't be a trip for us without one injury.  Biker Boy may have been the one racing, but the kids came away with the injuries. 

Biker Boy's team ended up fourth!  They did a really great job.  We spent then night at the race venue.  In the morning we packed it up and headed to The Enchanted Forest.  We did a family mountain bike ride there.  It was beautiful, we almost felt as if we weren't even in the southwest! 

And now we're drawing to a close with the school year.  And it's official...we're homeschooling next year.  We ordered curriculum for math and I've got other curriculum I'm researching and printing out. We've decided to homeschool for many, many reasons too numerous to list.  We weren't unhappy with the school and we loved the kids' teachers and they made good friends, but it's on to something new for next year.  We're excited about this new adventure!  It'll be a big change for all of us, but I think it will be a good change. 

Have a great week!  We'll see how often I get to post things with my little ones at home! 

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