Tuesday, May 14, 2013

First Mountain Bike Race of the Season

Six days.  Six days of school left.  Crazy.

My family participated in a mountain bike race over the weekend.  They all did wonderful.  Biker Boy raced in Cat 2 and ended up 14th out of 59.  Not bad, especially since he said he didn't feel at the top of his game and felt out of shape.  Scooter raced in the big kids race (non-competitive), but he went fast and did end up coming in second after one lap (out of a lot of kids).  But he continued on to do 2 more laps, cause he likes to bike.  Chewy did the little kids ride and being the bigger kid of the little kids, she of course came out blazing fast.  And did more laps too. 

And here's the photo dump of it!

Yes, the kids got cookies "the size of their heads" and loved it! (And that one above is nearly half eaten!)  Plus the kids got medals.  I got a pot of tulips!  And the joy of watching my family being happy while biking.

Enjoy the rest of your week!

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