Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Indoor Climbing

We went climbing.  At an indoor climbing gym.  And it was lots of fun.

Biker Boy and I learned how to belay each other and the kids.  I had visions of me flying to the ceiling as I belayed Biker Boy down, but that didn't happen.  There is so much friction on the ropes that I was easily able to let him down while standing on the ground.  It was a lot harder letting down a 37 pound girl and a 44 pound boy.  I think she's 37 pounds, she might be lighter than that.  We have light weight children.  There was also an auto belay system that you could hook yourself up to on certain parts of the climbing wall.  You had to be at least 40 pounds to do that.  The boy loved it.  I think the auto belay system actually helped him climb the wall, cause he got a lot higher than Biker Boy and I could.  It was slightly scary the first time on the auto belay when you let go and hoped it didn't drop you fast to the ground.

So..I'll post a whole lot of photos that probably only the grandparents will get through.  You can see us in our lovely harnesses. 

Overall, we made it nearly 3 and a half hours climbing and bouldering (I prefer the climbing and being attached to a rope).  The little girl was getting tired by the end and all of us were tired the next day.  And sore. 

Who else has been indoor climbing or bouldering?

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