Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Stenciling A Wall With Two Colors

I don't recommend it.  Yep, don't stencil with two colors unless you have lots of time or 2 separate stencils.

But thankfully, all that hard work paid off, my little girl loves her stenciled wall. 

This whole affair started when I decided to paint my little girl's room when Biker Boy left for his trip to China.  I've already chronicled the magnetic paint use and how this became a family affair

I ordered the Cashab Trellis Moroccan Stencil from Royal Design Studio when they had their Black Friday after Thanksgiving sale.  (I'm not quick posting this stuff).  Chewy picked out the stencil and the colors.  Yellow for the walls with an accent of pink and gray.  I may have pushed for the gray, since I'm eventually transitioning to some gray for most of the house.  So far I only have the boy's room done and part of a hallway

I started off great with the stenciling and then it started taking forever.  I started with spraying the stencil with adhesive, but it got a pain to clean.  Just cleaning paint off the edges was a time consuming job.  I eventually would let paint build up on the edges of the stencil and pull it off since it was latex paint.  You can see I started using painter's tape to put the stencil up.  I was so precise using a level and everything to get the stencil straight, but my walls are not level or straight.  So after halfway the stencil started not lining up correctly.  Look close enough at the photos and you'll notice.

I have to stay that the stencil was well constructed and the Royal Design Studio website has great information.  My suggestion is to just stick with one color if you're going to use this design and want to be quick about it.  You could just roller on the color then.  We had to use little sponges and sponge on each color.  Sometimes I would do one color and Chewy would do the other.  If the stencil was made into two parts, that would be easier to put on two colors.  Except it would probably cost more and lining everything up would take more time.

We did this way back in December of 2012.  So Chewy's room no longer looks this neat.  These photos were before we brought all her stuff back in.  But she still loves her wall and that makes me happy!  I just won't be stenciling again for a long time.

But now the cream trim is bothering me.  It doesn't go with her white stuff or with her paint.  Ugh.  Biker Boy doesn't care, so it probably won't get painted.  Cause I'm pretty sure he'll think I'm crazy if I try to paint her closet doors.  And I still have the rest of the house to paint!

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