Friday, May 24, 2013

Summer Break

Real grandparents and others can see how proud I am of my little kiddos! 

The kids finished up kindergarten and second grade at the elementary school.  They are now a first and third grader in homeschool!

We celebrated the end of school with the Crest Climb.  Scooter wanted to do it on his own bike and told us he wanted to get to the Old Quarry, which is just by the ski area.  It's 7 miles uphill with 2000ft of elevation gain.  Biker Boy and I both thought he would start off hard and then die off before getting there.  But the kid stuck to his goal and made it!  He was so proud that he didn't have to walk any of it!  He just kept on spinning those legs!  What a strong kid!  And Chewy did awesome too on the trail-a-bike behind Biker Boy. We celebrated with root beer floats when we got home.

To start off the first day of summer break, the kids were up before their alarms would normally go off for school. I had a hard time getting them out of bed when their alarms would go off at 6:30 on a school morning.  But they went to bed an hour or two late the night before and excitedly popped out of bed at 6:25!  Thankfully they slept in this morning!  But I indulged them in some PBS viewing.

Then we set about to starting the prep work for our school room.  The guest room is going to be the school room (messy projects will still be in the dining room).  And before we can paint the room we have to set about doing the long and laborous work that is the prep work.  Our unfortunately painted house meant lots of peeling paint.  The kids thought it was fun to pull off the peeling paint, so I let them partake in the prep work of their school room.  Fun. Fun.

Today I'm off to run around the neighborhood while the kids bike around it.  I've bribed them with peanut butter M&Ms.  They don't get those often and I told them they could have some anytime they accompany me on a run.  I'm not against bribery.  It works for me too.  Then we're off to pick up Daddy for work and have a family date at the botanical gardens!  Enjoy your long weekend!

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