Friday, June 14, 2013

A New Favorite Summer Treat

Here's our newest favorite summer treat.

Yep, Banana Ice Cream.  Homemade.  With 2 Ingredients.  Three, if you count the chocolate sauce.  And four, if you count berries we sometimes put on it.

I originally found the recipe here.

This is super easy. I'll show you with my not so great photos because my good camera is in the shop and I don't have time to stage things.  Real-life photos.

Get some bananas.  We find 3 large ones or 4 small ones works perfectly for our family of four.  Use the old bananas.  Ours barely have time to turn brown anymore because we make this so often. 

Cut the bananas.  So easy, even a six-year-old can do it.  I guess you could call this a "Cooking With Kids" post.  But I didn't.

Freeze the bananas.  The original directions said 1-2 hours of freezing, but I think this depends on your freezer.  Plus I didn't freeze them in a single later (like the recipe), cause I don't have that much room in my freezer.  When we froze for 2 hours and our banana ice cream was soupy.  We had to freeze it again and enjoy it another day.

When the bananas are nice and frozen, get some nut butter.  We use almond butter.  Once we used peanut butter.  But my tummy is not so fond of peanuts.  Bummer, cause I love peanuts.

Put about 1/4 cup of nut butter in the blender.  You could use less, but we like the nut butter.  I once made it without the nut butter too.  But we like it better with nut butter.

Add bananas.


Keep blending.

Blend until you think you can blend no more. 

If you're anxious, eat the lovely stuff.  I usually make this before dinner and let it sit in the freezer until we're done eating dinner, so it can firm up a bit more.

Then we enjoy it for dessert. 

Some have it without chocolate sauce.  That wouldn't be me.  Or my kids.  Just sayin'....chocolate lovers outnumber the non-chocolate lovers in this family.

Really, it's so yummy.  You should try some.  Or if you're at my house for dinner, you'll be trying some.  Oh, it's also healthy.  Double bonus.  I mean, it's bananas and nuts.  Well, it's healthy until you slather lots of chocolate on it.  But if it's melted dark chocolate bars....I'd say it's still healthy.

What treat are you enjoying this summer?

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