Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Chewy's Fashion for Girls - June 2013

Yes, fun for my little girl is playing with fashion.  On the computer it's like dressing virtual Barbie dolls, only easier.  You don't have to worry about getting pokey little arms into sleeves, velcroing tiny bits, or covering body parts.  You just pick out pretty dresses and shoes and create a collage.  That appeals to my crafty little girl.

Chewy made up another fashion board the other night.  She asked to do one again today, but I had to tell her no.  We had to get to the library.

But I'll share the one she made, cause she's my little girl.  It's four dresses and four pairs of shoes from Target.  Obviously, these are things that Chewy would love to wear.  Mommy gets a little strict with certain dresses (wear shorts under them when playing and cover tank tops with a sweater for church and school), but virtually the girl can wear anything.  Especially when it's pink or purple.  And the little girl is happy as can be when she's creating.  You should see her create outfits on her little doll form with fabric.  She could be a fashion designer someday!

Chewy's Fashion For Girls June 2013

You'll find links to all those things (if you just happen to be interested) at my photography blog or at my Polyvore thing that's listed above.  

Any other Target lovers out there? 

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